Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pollen Attack

The school year is ending and I am doing reports and reports and reports. Seriously, you won't believe the amount of paperwork a preschooler has in his/her folder. Some of these reports are definitely necessary - to document progress etc. But some are just plain ridiculous.
SO I needed a run to clear my head. 

The wind must have conspired with the pollen today. They ganged up on me and made today's run quite an unusual one. Arkansas has lots of trees, and I read somewhere some years back that it's one of the top states for having quite a lot of pollen.  Kid you not, I thought my lips were kinda powdery when I licked them at one point of my run. And my throat, it was kinda dry. I ran out with the wind blowing against me and thought, well, it will be better on my way back. Haha. What a joke. Haha. Didn't happen. Still got slapped in the face by the wind.
Nonetheless, it was a very good run. It cleared my head from the paperwork and I know I will focus better on calculating percentages and updating progress reports later.

The stats. 
Mile 1: 10:30.23
Mile 2. 10:53.30
Mile 2. 11:01.19
3 miles in 32:27 mins (Average 10:48/mile)
Not too shabby. The good thing was I sustain a 10+ minute/mile for the first two just like last week. The not-so-hot thing was not keeping all three miles under 11:00mins.  But it will be OK. I just have another short term goal to work on the next time I run. :) It can be done! Right? 

Have a wonderful week ahead. I am still putting together a review of the products I used last Saturday, so stay tune.


  1. The pollen is really affecting me too. I think I'm allergic to spring!

  2. Yea. Occasionally, I get a stab of sinus pain. I can feel it coming.

  3. Great run!
    I have major allergies...I am not looking forward to all the pollen, we have still be rather cold, so it is not bad here yet!


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