Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tackling the Running Snags

Hey guys, I'm BACK from a loooong special ed conference in Nashville, Tenn.  And I am glad to be home and glad to get back to my usual routine - you know - eat, sleep, drink water, run, blog. :)

Running when on a trip (in the case, businesss trip) wasn't exactly a piece of cake. I traveled with at least 10 other colleagues and the entire experience was an experience in itself. I have always been (and enjoy being) the Lone Ranger-kinda girl and being in a large group definitely wasn't easy for me.  I did manage to squeeze in an embarrassingly short run at the fitness center at the hotel.  I did some interval work and my Archilles, calves and knees were still a little tight from the last fartlek I did. So, I gave it a little rest and did some weights instead.

The problems I ran into that made squeezing runs in difficult and proposed solutions for the future are as follow:
Snag 1) Rooming with others who sleep like regular people and not waking up before the sun is up.
Solution A: Be assertive and inform my roommate that I am an early riser.
Solution B: Make prior arrangements to room with someone who wakes up early or who don't mind me getting ready while they are asleep (of course, I will be as quiet and use as little light as possible)

Snag 2) Trying to be "normal." Most of my colleauges know that I run. But somehow to actually see me in action doing it might be a little puzzling (?) And I, trying to fit in and be one of the regular girls, was hurting my runs.  I tried to stealthtily run without people knowing (at 9:30 p.m. when everyone was out having dinner). 
Solution A: Contine to be a stealth and run at odd hours. I did get caught in the act, entering the room sweaty with my roommates hanging out.

Snag 3) Dinner time was later than what I am usually used to. An early dinner means my food will be digested earlier, which makes it easier to do my stealth runs.
Solution A: Run before dinner. Ask the roommates to go ahead and get ready while I go run (since I get ready in a jiffy).

What other snags can you think of? Do you have any other solutions for me and my blogging followers for running away from the home?

Lastly, thanks for keeping me accountable. I almost didn't make it to do that embarrassing 1 mile, but I know, if I don't try, I will be a complete letdown. Hence, I mustered enough strength to drag my butt to the fitness center.


  1. lots of snags and lots of solutions! thnx!!!!
    glad ur back!

  2. You could sleep in your running clothes too. I'm an extreme morning person. Its tough to go place with other people b/c of my odd hours.


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