Monday, April 19, 2010

Popping the Fartlek Cherry

Yes! I completed my first fartlek E.V.E.R! And let me tell you, it was awesome blossom!  I refrained from using "fartlek" on my Facebook status update. I fear. I fear. I fear.
Last week's runs weren't exactly stellar nor inspiring. I usually get inspired after my runs - partly because I surprise myself either with a distance or a pace that was better than what I had expected. Last week was just "blah" - as bland as tepid water running from the faucet. Maybe I am getting a little "bored" with the runs, so I decided to shake things up a little this week and do something that will make me miss running.
Nah ... I am not taking off from running this week. I am just going to do some shorter runs during the week and maybe a faster pace 5 miles or so during the weekend.  I think that will make me want to jump back to doing longer, farther distance after laying low for a week.
So, today, I hopped on the 'mill and took it for a spin. My first fartlek ever! I had the 'mill set to INTERVAL training, and began with caution. Then, I realized it was freaking slow. So I upped the pace. I finally decided to set it on sprints at 9:05/mile pace and recovery runs at 12:00/mile pace. The 12:00/mile pace is a no brainer because that's the pace I feel comfortable and I know I can catch my breath. The 9:05/mile pace was just a pace where I know I will have some difficulty conversing with an actual human being. That's the pace where I have to just breathe in and out and keep my legs going.
It worked! All in all, I completed 3.02 miles in 31:53 minutes. I am stoked.
I will be away for a conference this week and I have packed my running shoes, socks, outfits in my suitcase. I am hoping I will get 2 runs in at the fitness center at the hotel this week - nothing too much, just another fartlek of 3 miles or so. We'll see. I will be with a bunch of colleagues and rooming with two. I don't exactly know how early they wake up or late they go to bed. So, I am going to test the water out. :) Wish me luck!

See, I am inspired after this run and I love this feeling.

Question: How do you juggle running/training when you are not on your "home turf" ???? 


  1. Working out when traveling is tough, especially if it's a work trip. On vacation, it's a bit easier to work things in. I just plan to scale back when I travel, and do the best I can. Usually means running on a treadmill, which I NEVER do otherwise.

  2. Running on business trip is tough for me as well. It's easier when I travel alone, but once I'm with a group of people it's tough. I try to get up a little earlier and use the treadmill. In the evenings the group usually hangs out and that makes it difficult to say no and do something on your own.

  3. congrats on the intervals. i like intervals, but u really have to be careful with them! they cause injury!

    but they are awesome for training!

  4. Fartlek/intervals are great for mixing things up and improving performance - congrats on your first fartlek - welcome to the club.

  5. Hooray! That will spice things up. Don't worry about last week -- every once in a while things are just "off", for whatever reason.

    I've run in the hotel fitness center many times while away for work. I keep it a little lighter than if I were at home, but at least I'm doing something to keep my legs going.

  6. Yes! Fartleks are fun! Especially if you exclaim "FARTLEK!" right before you sprint. :) It makes it that much more fun.

    Excellent run!

  7. Awesome interval work! I LOVE LOVE fartleks!!!!

    As for travel and working out...I stink at it! I always have good intentions!

    I know you can do it!


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