Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unplanned Run and A Rant

I ran some 3 miles yesterday and felt pretty good. I figured this week, I am going to ease myself back to running. I planned on resting today and do some weights/push-ups at home but I can't let such a pretty day go to waste. The temperature was about 70 degree when I headed out and it felt good.
I didn't go far, just a easy peasy 2 miles but I did try to go fast.

The good thing about unplanned runs is I don't have to be disappointed with any expectations I have set. The fun run today was just run, sweat a little, and smell the flowers. :) And I had fun. So did Buttercup.

Mile #1 = 10:33.25
Mile #2 = 10:09.25
Total ran: 2.11 miles in 21:45 minutes at 10:19/mile

My rant? Can someone tell me what running shorts won't ride up in the middle? ARGH!!!

Have a good week ahead! 


  1. My new Saucony Run Lux shorts don't ride up. Every other pair I have does though. I always use glide with the Saucony ones though, just to be safe.

    Your run sounds perfect! I love when there aren't any expectations and you can just RUN.

  2. I wear Nike Tempos which don't run up for me but I sometimes also wear spandex under those just in case :)

  3. I have to wear men's basketball shorts (Nike or Champion) or women's capris (Champion).


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