Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hot and Humid

The time was 6:30 a.m.
The temperature was 73 Fahrenheit and the "real feel" was a mere 77 degrees.
The wind was just 5mph/south and the humidity ...
The humidity was a sheer 92%. Yes. 92%.
The plan was to do an easy 3 miles and if I feel good, I will keep going.
What I did was a miserable 2 miles. 
Half a mile into it, I was so not feeling it.  This is a case when the heat literally melted the newly built will of steel I have.   I had to keep negotiating with myself.
"Let me make it to the mail box and back."
"Let me make it to Dr. P's mail box."
"Let me make it around that curve."
"Just make it to the stop sign."
"Keep going, you will enjoy an icy cold Green Monster when you get done."
"YOU are so NOT a slacker."
It was not fun. I have never had to negotiate, talk, and encourage myself that much ever and definitely not so early in the run.  I felt like a total loser. My skin was sticky. My ponytail lost its bounce. The clothes felt like they were sticking onto my back.
So, the golden questions of the day for you are:
a) What do you do when it gets hot?
b) Do you have a different running plan for the summer months?
c) If you have a treadmill for running, what kind do you have?
d) What features do I look for when shopping for a treadmill?

I hope your run is better than mine.
Oh, winter, come quickly.


  1. To be totally honest, I cut back on runnign in summer because it's too hot. I try to spend more time cycling instead. I find that more comfortable...going a bit faster means a breeze to help keep cooler.

  2. hey,
    i like that u were motivating urself with a Green Monster. love it!

    to be honest...i like running in the summer, more than the winter. i prefer running when its hot, as opposed to when its cold. oh well!!

    glad to have u back and read up on more of ur running adventures!

  3. Great job on running despite the heat and humidity! I really hate running in the heat... give me 20s or 30s any day! I deal with hot weather runs by slowing down, and sometimes doing slightly fewer miles for the week. You definitely have to let your body acclimate!

  4. Good job on doing 2 miles!! I'm also very bad in running in humid weather. I try to get out there very early and drink a lot the 24 hours before the run. Also, I have enough to drink with me to refuel during the run. Do you have the fuel belt? It's awesome!!

    If it is too humid/hot, I will do my weekday runs in the gym (saves you the money of the treadmill and you meet some nice people) and only do my long run outside.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!!

  5. I ran this morning with 90% humidity. It was gross. I run slower.

    In the summer, I change all my course to make sure they are shaded. But if it rains, the runs are just miserable because of all the mist coming up from the ground.

  6. I go the the local YMCA to run. But the temperature is set rather high too.
    I have a handheld bottle when I run. I freeze my drink so it will stay cold longer. The humidity is suffocating.

  7. I think it takes time for you lungs to adjust to the humidity. (half) Marathon season in NOLA starts in Oct. That means summer training. July rolls around and its long runs outside in the heat and humidity. It's like a battle of wills. I actually love it.


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