Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's happening?

I feel nasty not running. 
I managed a pathetic 2-mile run yesterday because I still had lots of paperwork to finish AND filing for taxes. Since I was going to run some measly 2 miles, I told myself to give it all I have ....  I started off with an easy 11:00/mile pace. About a mile into it, I sped up to about 10:30/mile pace (1-mile), and to a 10:00/mile pace )0.7-mile) and then to a 9:30/mile pace (0.3 mile). Finished the 2 miles in 20 minutes plus a couple of seconds. Not too shabby. I was drenched in sweat and it felt GOOD!

Today, I was planning on running 6 or 7 miles in the afternoon. But guess what I did?
I went to a nursery and bought some periwinkles, in addition to the other plants I bought last weekend and hadn't had the time / chance to plop it into the ground. SO, I spent my afternoon digging and plopping plants in the ground.  Dragonsnaps in the pots, tomato plants in the pot, peppers in the pot. Petunias in the ground. Two gardenias in the ground and some kind of pink something something ... I'm not born with green fingers/thumbs ... so, we'll see if all these somehow will survive. Gonna try to take some pictures tomorrow and show y'all what I have!

Lastly, do check out Aneta's blog for her virtual race. I copied and pasted this information off from her blog.
When: April 15, 16, 17 OR 18, 2010
Distance: 12.3 k or 7.64 miles

How: You can do this distance in 1 day, or split it up in 2 or 3 or even 4 days!
The catch: You must wear ur pjs!!!! (and no, i do not mean you have to wear the whole thing, but one piece of it.)
How to win the prize: Before April 18th is over, you must send me a picture of you in your running pj gear and your finishing time!

Did you do something instead of running today and made you feel yucky?


  1. be able to run again...

    :) I'm hoping the doctor will release me this week to run (after being off for a ankle stress fracture)

  2. hey! the race is this weekend.
    im doing the distance today, as it will be raining in toronto on friday, saturday and sunday.

    good luck to u, my friend!

  3. I signed up for Aneta's race. Thanks for the heads up.


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