Thursday, April 15, 2010

Virtual Race!

Learned It the Hard Way.  Never underestimate the power of a good pre-run snack! NEVER. 

Today's Run.  Know why I dispensed that wisdom about a pre-run snack? I didn't have one today (I had lunch at about noon, and ran at 5:15 p.m., without a snack).  Today's run was not sooo hot. I didn't go as far as I would like - which was to complete Aneta's virual race of 7.some random number miles - and it took me quite a while.  Girls, I was sooo not feeling it. I ran by Keith's office to use the restroom and I almost begged him to drive me home because I really didn't want to run back. Pride overtook the wimp out of me.  I sucked the suckiness up and ran home - one foot in front of the other. Tomorrow, I will run the remaining 1.something something mile to finish up the virtual race.  Maybe I will redo one on Saturday when I fuel up and hydrate myself properly. I know I can do better than this. 

O0ps.  I had some O0ps moments today too. All in all, 2 bugs flew into my eyes (one left on my way out, and one right, on my way back). Keith offered me some soda for my bottle, which I accepted, because that was some nice cold soda instead of my lukewarm Powerade.  When I took the first sip of the soda, I got sprayed in the face by the carbonation and got sprinkled some Diet Coke. Not a good idea for soda in the bottle. And O0ps, I cheated on Buttercup again today. 

Crunching the Numbers.
See ... so not feeling it eh? But on a positive note, I finished 6 miles instead of 3.

Lesson learned. Will eat before run. Will freeze some fluids in my bottle before my run so the fluids will stay cool.  


  1. awwww. thats too bad about the soda. ya not a good idea of running with a carbonated drink. oh well. we all go thru funny things when we run!

    and thnx for participating. ur close to being done! great job!

  2. hey, so what is ur time for the 7.64? choose ur best one and let me know. I wanna put it up on my score board for my next post. thnx :)

  3. I made a mistake of not checking the time at exactly 7.64 miles. But it's ok. The time for 8 miles is 1 hr 38 minutes.


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