Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Things Virtual.

A big "Thank You" to all of you who spend time to read my blog.
I am not an experienced runner. I don't have any running wisdom to share. And I feel like I am one big stumbling goof running with random goofy thoughts. I try to ask questions (there are no stupid questions, right?) and hopefully, someone sees it and will have an answer to it. If you don't, don't worry. You make me feel less bad about myself and my ignorance. :)

I think I just have made a "virtual friend" with Aneta. She has shared a delicious Green Monster recipe with me, left encouraging and motivating comments on my Facebook wall and my blog, answered some of my running questions, introduce me to different types of fruits, and we even got to "hang out" at the gym too! Virtually. Our first virtual workout get-together didn't work out last week.  However, yesterday, we arranged to do a fartlek session together this morning - me at my gym early in my morning and she at her gym over in her part of the world early in her morning. Then, we report back to each other. It worked. Talk about accountability and having a training buddy!  Thanks for motivating me, Aneta.  Did I mention that we like to "hang out" with each other so much that we decide to "meet" again next week?

The folks in the running/blogging community has been awesome.  They dispense product reviews, offer a listening ear and dole out lots of encouragement and support when the running gets tough, and cheer like a high-school cheerleader for every teeny milestone pebble stone I stepped on and crossed.  Some take the time to organize virtual runs/challenges, do a good deed and contribute toward a good cause, and generously share freebies and giveaways.  Some of them are just funny and deserved a spot on Saturday Night Life so they can share all their funny and true running experiences.

Here are a number of blogs I read. I spend an ungodly amount of time online reading blogs, and it isn't quite feasible to share with you all the blogs I read about in one post. I will continue to share blogs with you. So, let's start with these first...

Running Diva Mom : She has a virtual run challenge going on right now. Proceeds go to a good cause. All you have to do is just 1 mile, so you can make it fun by running with your kid, your dog, or yourself. Do check it out.

If you want some humor and stories about bodily functions, check out Shut Up and Run!

Check Skinny Runner for posts on celeb workouts, gossips, shopping, champagne and fishing as a job.

I spent almost 1/3 of my life living in Louisiana and my graduate school friend nicknamed me "Asian Cajun." I really considered Ruston, LA home because that's where my heart is. Risking being a cheese, I found myself there. It was in Ruston where I grow up to be what and who I am today.  So, I get excited when I find a fellow Louisianian. I enjoy reading Living in Luling. She blogs about running and life and I particularly adore her "Sunday Dinner" posts where she shared yummy recipes.

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  1. hey, thnx for the shut out!
    i feel like if i tell you that i will go run in the morning, i have to do it. it keeps me motivated.
    so yay, wednesday mornings can be our 'virtual friendship run'.

    also u need to sign up for some races, lady!


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