Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Old Miles in One New Skirt

I wore my new running skirt today on my 3-miler. I was excited. I feel like a girl wearing that skirt.
Who cares what other people may think about my running skirt. Who cares if they think "that Chinese girl is crazy running in a skirt!"
Since it is still the same 3 miles down the same road I always run, I am going to briefly talk about this skirt. I am going to try to talk a little more in-dept later this week when I get the chance to snap a few pictures.
Basically, I like the way it looks and I feel like a girly-girl running in it. The shorts inside rode up a little but the skirt part did covered the what-could-have-been ugly picture of shorts riding up on me.  However, I finally experience chafing wearing this skirt and I didn't even run far. Ouch.
Anyway, 3 miles down for this week. 36 miles done for the month and 14 more to go.
All right, I am off to bed because I have an early morning virtual fartlek date with Aneta.

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  1. I love my running skirt, too! I have to wear my "good" compression shorts under them or I chafe. Try some Body Glide, too!


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