Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scattered brain

I am all over the place today and I don't think I put much thought and planning for today's workout.
I started my day doing 15 push-ups on a ball since I had to be at work really early today. After work, I headed to the gym. I remembered to fuel up a little before the run all right. I even drank some water. What I had forgotten was to let the food and fluid settle before my run.  I started experiencing some side stitches about 0.5 mile into the run. I didn't stop. I would have stopped when I was 16 years old. I would have stopped 5 months ago. But today, I did grow up a little and I toughen up, suck it up and continued running. I told myself to finish that one mile first. When that one mile was attained, I told myself to do a little more. Maybe 2 miles. It was then, that I saw some chick with some nice guns and I decided to stop running when I reached 2 miles and do some weights.  I did some weights. I was sore. I had trouble steering the steering wheel. It was a good sore.
I did 2 miles in 22:17 mins.
I came home, rest a little, and I must have been bitten by the running bug! I needed to scratch that itch and headed out for a run to the mail box and back. It has been a while since I ran with Buttercup. So here lies the perfect chance.
I ran out and back - 1 mile in 10:32/mile.
Now, I am hot and sweaty and sticky and thirsty.
Time to go for a shower and a drink.


  1. That happens... once in a while you have a bad run, but I'm impressed you got up for a 2nd run - that is great!!

  2. dont u love it when u run and after u r done, u wanna run some more! love it!
    good job with the push ups as well. i try to do 10-20 every day...well, starting monday (and its only tuesday! haha)

  3. Bad runs go with the territory no matter how much you run. I usually just ignore it and in a day or two things are clicking again


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