Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tagged. I'm one of the ITs.

The Nominator: Aneta The Rambunctious Runner tagged me for The Versatile Blogger Award.
The Rules: Post 7 random facts about myself and tag 7 people.

The Seven Facts:
  1. After taking the GCE A Levels in Singapore, I took a year off and traveled. I could have gone to a teacher's college, but I knew that is NOT the path for me.
  2. I spent essentially 1/3 of my life here in the U.S. and have lived in West Palm Beach, FL, Ruston, LA, and now, a little town in Southeast Arkansas (population: ~5,000). 
  3. Poor rural southeastern Arkansas has none of the glitz, glamour, and restaurants like Singapore, or London or Paris, but I enjoy being out in the country, having lots of space, the twinkling stars, the winking fireflies and the tall oaks and pines. 
  4. I consider Ruston as a place where I actually grown up and am shaped into the person I am today. I am blessed to have good, encouraging people around me to instill good morals and values even though my parents were thousands and thousands miles away from where I am.
  5. I used to be a copy editor at a newspaper, loved my job, but something was missing.
  6. So, I went back school and got a masters in speech-language pathology.
  7. I may appear aloof to people, especially those who don't know me well. I'm just the "not afraid of silence" kinda girl. I like spending time with myself - grocery shopping, crossword puzzles, running, cooking - anything that I can just do and be quiet and focus on the tasks at hand. 
The Seven Tags (the 7 people who left a comment on my recent post)
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  1. Fun! I'll work on this today. Can't wait to see what others say!

  2. hey great 7 things!

  3. The more I find out about you, the more I think we would be friends in "real life."

    I just posted my seven things - not nearly as interesting or meaningful as yours, but my brain is on strike today.

  4. Wow--you've certainly had the opportunity to see contrasts in your living environments! Good for you for finding the good in each.


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