Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Run #1

I would love to stay in my bedroom forever. It is the coolest place. It is cold and comfy and I don't want to get out of bed. But I did, and it made me miss my cold room even more.
The reason why I titled this post as #1 is because I believe and want to give my day a second chance and do a run #2. Nothing too crazy. Just an easy 3 miler run. I want to run outside. I'm tired of feeling like a hamster going on and on on the wheel. I want to run like a puppy dog - outside and feel the breeze (if any).
So, 3 miles in 34:42 mins = done.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. good job on ur run! its hot out there, eh? i was gonna run in the morning, but didnt wake up till like 9ish and it was already hot. i am gonna wait till 7 or 8pm to finally get out there.

    hope ur having a great long weekend!

  2. Good job on your run! Thanks for your comment. I'm born and raised in Germany and came over here 5 years ago :)

  3. I agree with you about the color of my race t-shirt. The full marathon and 2/5 person relay with different shades of blue. The 2 person is the only one with the gray. Even black would be better. Oh well. Did you end up running outside?


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