Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Hills...

that is, if you can actually consider this session as running the hills.

It was a rather haphazard run on the treadmill. Instead of doing fartleks with my virtual running friend, Aneta, we decided we would give the hills a go this week to change it up a little.
It was not easy! My legs were a little tofu-like after the second mile - which goes to show there's room for improvement.

I am totally clueless about doing the hills. Aside from the help/explanation that Aneta gave me via e-mail, I decided to just whack it out myself and adjust accordingly. So, this was what I did.

I did 0.5 mile intervals (hill-rest-hill-rest-hill-rest), starting at 0% (which is my recovery portion), and then at 2%, 3%, 4% inclines. The speed was set to somewhere between 11:30ish to 10:00ish/mile and I sprinted at about 8ish-9ish min/mile on my last 0.5 mile at 0% incline. I walked for less than a minute at some point just to catch my breath and find my legs. I think I left them at the bottom of the hill.
So, all in all, 3 miles done, in about 30 minutes (+/-) because I am such a klutz and erased all the information when I hit the "stop" button on the treadmill twice.

My thoughts:
1) Doing hills isn't easy. but I need to do it to get faster and stronger.
2) Having a buddy doing it with you (or virtually) helps to keep you accountable.
3) I need to have a better game plan. That means, I need to plan the intervals properly and I need it on a sticky note affixed to the front of the treadmill when I run so I don't have time or opportunity to weasel out of it.
4) Thank goodness I am through with running today.

Question of the day:
What do you do to help you be more organized when you do hills on the treadmill? Is there a plan you follow?

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. Great job tackling some hills! Even though they can be a total beeyotch, they really do help with training to make you stronger AND faster. I think what you are doing with the intervals is very good. Does your treadmill have a "hills" option?
    If you run hills outdoors, I've told all my runner friends that it's best to get MAD at that gives you a boost of energy and it feels amazing once you get to the top! I'm sure it could be the same for your treadmill intervals too.

    Great job!

  2. Good job on your hill workout! It's great to get faster, but also to get ready for a race. You never know what might come up during a race! :)

    It helps me to have a piece of paper with the workout written in large letters, which I fold after each hill, otherwise I forgot where I am :)

  3. Sounds like a good workout to me! I don't have any good suggestions...I live in a very hilly neighborhood, so I just head out my front door when i want to do hills.

  4. It's funny, your title had me think you were going to write about the MTV Speidi tv show The Hills! ;-)

    I do have my piece of paper with me often to focus/stare at/keep me accountable during my interval runs on the treadmill.

    and yeah, hills are HARD.;-)

  5. I have been watching Seasons 1,2,3 of The Hills on Netflix. It is crazy!

  6. Haha, Ann-Marie :). I used to watch The Hills, too...that was a long time ago...

    But good job on the hill work! I like to incorporate hills at least every other week, either in hill repeats or I'll find a very hilly route (not hard in Colorado!) and run the hills tough, if I have an upcoming hilly race. They do make you stronger :). Keep at it and it will get better!!


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