Friday, June 11, 2010

I need ...

an attitude change.

I am going to try and stop complaining about how hot it is, suck it up, and just run. Unless I am moving up to Alaska, this hot and humid Arkansas weather is not going to budge. So, I should just run.

I did a short 2 miles at the Y this morning on the treadmill. It is 2 miles that I have logged, right? 

So, there you go folks. If I ever complain about how hot and humid it is, call me out.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Okay, I will let you know... and keep in mind I have a very goo memory!! :) Are you excited for your upcoming 5k?

  2. Will do! Great job getting those 2 miles in! Keep on truckin'!

  3. I just got in from a one-miler run outside. I got bitten by some insect on my finger - now it looks like I had Botox on my finger. :)

    I am excited about my upcoming 5K because I get to run with friends. :)
    Thanks for keeping me in check, ladies.

  4. Thanks for your feedback on my blog. You can definitely do the push up challenge, it's actually amazing how quick I improved! On my initial test, I was able to do ONE push up on my toes, 1 week later I can do 5 sets of 2! Good luck!

  5. u dont need to go all the way to alaska, you can just come to canada!!!
    weather right now sucks.

  6. oh ps. you changed your background! looks niiiiice!

  7. 2 miles is better than nothing! :)


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