Saturday, June 19, 2010

I enjoy ...

1) buying presents for myself using my own money.
2) waiting patiently for the packages to come my way.
3) ripping apart the packages containing my goodies.

Yay! I ordered my first Nike tempo shorts since it seems like many runners have them. I read some reviews and heard that it doesn't ride up.  So, today, I wore my Nike tempo shorts and gave it a whirl at the YMCA.

I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, which took about 31:11 minutes. It was all right. I probably should have held back a little at the beginning, instead of going kinda all the way out. I started the first 2 miles at about a mid 9:00/mile pace, and had to slow down for the 3rd mile. I had to stop the treadmill to catch my breath. 

Now, about those tempo shorts. They feel light and fit well. About the not riding up, I'm not too sure about it. It doesn't really ride up badly like the Champion pair I owned, it does ride up a little but not too badly. So, I'm gonna sit on the fence on the riding up part. Maybe I just have thunder thighs ...

Anyway, have a good weekend!


  1. Welcome to Tempo short world!! What color did you purchase? They must have a zillion. I probably have at least 25 pair. Is that a problem??? I hope they work out for you, totally love mine!!

  2. I don't own any myself although I have heard great things about them. I have some Oiselle Running roga shorts that I love and dont ride up. (of course they are super short so they dont really have anywhere to go :) but I love them!

  3. I bought a basic black with white trims. It goes well with everything I own.

  4. nike tempo shorts eh? hmm...I just fell in love with my new Sugoi Mozie run shorts. They're the bomb! okay, will check out your shorts.

    like the new blog look;-)

  5. I guess I will go look at them. I love Nike.

  6. LOL! I am totally with you! I love to receive packages in the mail..that I bought! It's the best! I need another pair of shorts, I will have to check yours out!

  7. good job on the run.
    i dont have a pair of the tempo shorts, so i cant comment. but give them one more chance....maybe try them outdoors.

    hope u had a great weekend!

  8. My tempos ride up. I get the dreaded running shorts diaper. Which is why I run in under armor compression shorts or a skirt.


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