Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Thoughts on the treadmill

Ran 3 miles in 31:00. Felt pretty good.
Let's see how random my thoughts were for 31 minutes of my life. 
1. I like my hair up in a bun when I run. I don't like getting slapped around by a pony tail, even though it's my tail. 
2. Why did I buy so many short sleeve running tops? I'd rather have tank tops in the summer. 
3. Note to self: DON'T buy short sleeve tops. 
4. A half of a cold juicy watermelon will send me straight to Cloud #9. 
5. Watermelon + salt = good! 
6. Tempo shorts - I don't know what to think about you. Gotto tell blogging friends that the front does ride up a little. And I don't like sweaty thighs touching/rubbing against each other. Gross!
7. It's probably my thunder thighs. 
8. Maybe I should just buy shorter capris?
9. The Peach Festival 5K is this Saturday. 
10. Need to get a hotel room. 
11. I can shower after that 5K. 
12. Iced water sounds really good
13. What can I do to use up all the tomatoes from the garden? 
14. Italian and Mexican.
15. I can't wait for the fall to come. 
On top of these random thoughts, Jeopardy was on TV so, that was a neat distraction. 


  1. I know. I only have two sleeveless tops. But 50million short sleeve shirts. Why? I don't know.

    make a red sauce with your tomatoes. I can tell you how to make a fast but tasty recipe.

  2. random, random thoughts!
    its so weird the things that we think about during runs!

  3. I love knowing what people think about it's so funny. MMM watermelon sounds awesome

  4. where i live, it's better to wear short sleeves so that shoulders don't burn.

  5. I love this little insight in to your mind :)

  6. Love your thoughts! I try to write mine down, but once I'm home I forgot them already... maybe a good thing :)


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