Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Challenge - Mission Completed.

And that's 50 miles, right on the dot, for June.

I told Aneta that I would do 4 miles today. But sorry, my friend, I could only do 3.  My legs have been tired - specifically the hamstrings, Achille's heel area, and hip flexor. When I kinda squeeze my hamstrings a little, it kinda cramp up on me. I am going to do some good stretching later this evening.  I am bad about stretching and this is not good.  For me, running is the fun part and the other things that I am supposed to do - cross-training, stretching etc - I just don't like doing it. Just like, I like to cook, but hate the cleaning part.

Anyway, I finished 3 miles in 33:03 minutes. I had to walk about 30 seconds to kinda shake out the stiffness. Maybe I'll swim tomorrow instead and stretch in the pool.

There is a man at the Y and I'm thinking he is just a friendly man. But it's kinda weird that he always talks to me. I don't mind the "hi" and "bye" and "have a good day" talk. But to ask things like "do you work out everyday?" and "how many miles are you running?" or the "do you run all the time?" or the "you need a towel?" just makes me uncomfortable.  I am varying my visits to the Y just so I don't have a specific routine and just so I can avoid him. I enjoy running because I run alone and don't have to talk to people. Him asking me questions WHILE I am running is just not cool. And what's the deal with men calling me "hun?" I know it is what Southerners do. And I am ok with women and friends calling me hun. I love it. But, I feel uncomfortable when a man calls me that - unless, he's like a good ol' friend.

Been really bad with my eating for the past two days and I blame it on PMS. Oreos and milk were my staples. I'm starting today right with Greek yogurt, fresh fruits and a slight drizzle of honey. Maybe that will set the stage right.


  1. Congrats on hitting 50 miles! And I also don't like it when people try to talk to me at the Y. My only solution (that only sometimes works) is to wear my headphones and pretend I can't hear them (even if my music isn't up that loudly).

  2. hey thats ok. we all do what we can!
    good job with ur June miles! yay. 60 miles in july??

  3. Congrats on reaching your goal!!!! I hope the guy stops bothering you. I usually use headset and pretend I do not hear them.


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