Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No McDreamy at General Hospital.

I'm beat and didn't sleep well last night. So this will be a quick post.

I headed to the YMCA this afternoon and got 2 miles in.  General Hospital (or whatever soap that was on) was driving me up the wall. I really can't stand being in there any longer.  Then, there was this lady next to me walking on the treadmill, texting and later, talking to her friend who just stood there.  Maybe I am way too sleepy and hence, little things just set me off. I finished two miles and hopped off the dreadmill and headed home.  

I'm gonna go to bed really early tonight and get all the sleep that I need. Hopefully, I will wake up recharged and ready to pound the ground and finish 4 miles. I told Aneta that I would "run" four miles with her tomorrow. 

In other matters, I finally found the race results for Saturday's 5K.
Peach Festival 2010 5K
Position: 150/258
Time: 32:03

And I also found the race results to my first race ever in 2009.
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
Position: 335/1095
Time: 32:56.

Regardless, I did have a PR this time and I am ready to get another PR under my belt in July. Watch out.


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