Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You know you are a runner when you/your ...

I have seen people in the blogging world and in running articles come up with similar list. Here's my take on it.

  1.  ... choose to drink water instead of a glass of wine or any other adult beverage because you are running the next morning.
  2.  ... opt to head home earlier than your friends on Friday/Saturday nights because you have to wake up early to run.
  3.  ... see rolling hills and think to yourself that is THE ideal place to do hills.
  4. ... drive past a nice road/park and imagine yourself running there. 
  5.  ... are able to tell people the exact distance from your house to (a) the mail box, (b) the next stop sign, (c) the elementary school, (d) your boyfriend's office, (e) the YMCA. 
  6.   ... would rather spend good money on a pair of running shoes than your pretty shoes.
  7.   ... would actually embrace the "new shoe smell" 
  8.   ... go shopping for fun or work clothes and ended up getting more running attire. 
  9.   ... consider running with a friend a good way to hang out. ...
  10.  ... you feel really lousy and lame and disappointed with yourself when you skipped a run BUT have never ever ever had that feeling of utter disappointment when you skipped doing laundry or clean your bathroom or unload the dishwasher.
  11. ... envy people running when you are up and about in your vehicle running errands or when you are injured and are out of commission.
  12. ... feel like no one understands you when you tell people how sucky your 3-miler went and all they said is, "but you ran."  You just want someone to help "troubleshoot" your run.  
  13. ... , who's scared of committing yourself to meet ups/hanging out sessions with friends, isn't afraid to commit yourself to a race 4 months from now. 
  14. ... vacation plans revolves around race locations.
  15. ... try to find time to include a run or two when you are on vacation/away from home.
Which one of these sounds like you? Please do add to this list.


  1. ooooh Im really really working toward this.

    the You know youre a weight training lover when post?

    that I could write :)


  2. How about:
    ....When ice is something you put on your legs and not in your drink.

  3. These are all on the money! And yesterday, knowing I am going to the beach in a few weeks, I went ahead and looked up a race while I'm there...another sign!

  4. Great list! I liked #4 and 5 -- those are totally me. How about (to echo one of your recent themes): you choose outfits not on whether they match or look cool, but on whether or not the shorts will ride up. I hate that problem!

  5. I totally run on vacation! And I agree on the 'bad 3 miler', I just wish someone would commiserate with me!


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