Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10K on a treadmill


I ran a 10K on the treadmill at the Y. It usually would bore the heckabageezel out of my mind. But today, I actually enjoyed almost every minute of it.  Maybe it was funny Whoopi on The View. Maybe it was Jeopardy. Maybe it was because there was someone else on the treadmill next to me and if I can't make it, I gotto fake it.  Whatever it is, it worked and I finished a grand total of 6.3 miles in 70:36 minutes on the 'mill.

Unlike yesterday's morning when I was up even before the sun, I finally got out of bed at almost 9:00 a.m. I was in bed before midnight, actually around 10ish but I just can't get to sleep. Oh well. Better luck and effort tonight. 

A few random thoughts were on my mind:
1. I really like a braided pony-tail when I run. It looks kinda chic. And the hair are all clump together and they won't stick to my back with all the nasty sweat.
2. I bought 3 sticks of deodorant/anti-prespirant this month.  What's your favorite?
3. I'm hungry. Really hungry. I didn't have appetite last night. I was seriously PMSing and got upset with the boyfriend. Bad move. I am hungry.
4. PMSing + going through family stuff = not a good deal. It will get better. One of my favorite person in the world wide world and a very wise lady once told me: "Everything will be fine. Everything will be just fine."
5. Running helps. It does a lot of good for the body, mind, and soul.
6. I think, I  might have shed the 2 lbs that I wanted to shed. Cross my fingers!

After my run, I stretched and held the stretches for extended period of time. It felt good.  Now, I have 4 miles more to go before I hit my 60 miles for July. I will do it tomorrow.

On another note, I checked online for the race results and I found it. I came in 5/13 (overall) and 2/4 (age group) and my official time was 31:01. I realized that I was 3rd until after mile 2 when 2 ladies caught up and passed me. I should have just kept on. It's ok. It is a learning experience. Never slack off, Christina.



  1. good job, christina!

  2. I love your random thoughts, there are always so many while running, aren't there? Often I find mine saying, "just get home", Especially on a hot and humid day..of course that's outdoor running. LOL

  3. Good job on your race :) Re: your random thoughts, #5 is so true!

  4. Look at you, running 6 miles on a treadmill and not even bored! This is amazing! You improved your pace and distance significantly in the last few weeks. You can proud of you!!!

  5. okay, and now my question...did ya eat?? you're makin' me hungry over here!;-)


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