Friday, July 2, 2010

The random and not so random thoughts.

  1. My car finally broke down. I have been driving a 1998 Saturn since 2004. It finally quit on me at over 182,000 miles. A friend jokingly said, "Now you can put all your running to good use."  And she was right! 
    I still don't have a vehicle and am waiting for the boyfriend to go car shopping with me.  But he is busy and work has gotto come first.  So, I have been using his truck.  However because he works late, I have to wake up in the middle of the night when he is ready to come home to pick him up.  So today, about 6-ish, I drove his truck to his office, hung out with him for a while and ran home.  It wasn't easy. You all know how I'm not fond of the heat and humidity, so I was really dreading the run and tried to guilt him into taking me home. We made a compromise. He drove me to the gate (about 0.2 mile) and I ran home. It was a fantastic run.

    2.7 miles in 28:59 minutes, average 10:43/mile
    Mile 1: 10:30
    Mile 2: 10:35
     0.71 Mile: 11:12
  2. What made this run fantastic? Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. I tackled a few easy inclines with such gusto! 
  3. I saw the remains of a snake on the road (poor snake), deer scrambling away from me, an a bunch of leaves and twigs which I thought was a dead puppy or kitty from afar. I smelled honeysuckle.
  4. Not so positive part? I stepped into a fireant hill earlier today and got about 12 ant bites all over my left foot. It was kinda itchy while I ran and not exactly comfortable.
  5. We had a simple BBQ cookout lunch for boyfriend's employees. He has a hardwood furniture company and we make hardwood furniture, using hardwood lumber in the area and all made in good ol' USA. The folks back in the shop work hard and we usually have a lunch get-together when a holiday rolls around - July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  I bought hamburgers and hot dogs and Polish sausages and all the fixins' and Keith grilled. We ended the meal with some juicy watermelon and played horseshoe with them.  I hope they had a good time today.
  6. The new issue of Runner's World is in the mail box! August's issue, dubbed the "half-marathon special," includes a perfect plan for 13.1 mile success, 15 tips to beat the heat, and 6 simple ways to eat better and bust out of your food rut. 
  7. Remember I confessed that I haven't been eating properly - in that, I have had too much junk and hence, packed a lot of junk in the trunk? According to August's RW's article on eating personality, I am definitely a "grazing eater" (eating every few hours) and an "indulgent eater" all rolled into one. And the best solution? Portion control.
  8. Well, I'm going to try to shave 2 pounds off this month and keep it off. Nothing crazy ambitious. Two pounds is doable.

    For those running races this weekend, good luck.  I hope everyone has a Happy July 4th weekend! Stay safe!


  1. Beethoven's Symphony #9 on a run?! that's a first! wow...dang;-)

    happy 4th to you!

  2. Oh my, I remember stepping in fireants once when I was a kid, I still get grossed-out to death when I see mounts of ants...yuck! Hope you're able to get a new car soon!! Happy 4th :).

  3. I stepped in a mound of fireants last week. You can still see the marks up and down my calves! So I totally sympathize with you there. Have a great weekend!

  4. happy 4th of july!

    ugh fireants! not good at all!

    but good just on braving the heat and getting out there.

    ihave never listened to classical music while running, but i might try it out!

    have a good weekend!


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