Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank you / Product Reviews

Thank you Bloggers for being supportive and generous with encouraging comments and motivations!  I seriously believe that runners, even in their competitive mode, are also rooting for someone else AND are always so generous with their encouragements and being such awesome cheerleaders. I am thankful I started this blog and have 41 different people pushing me, keeping me accountable, and telling me "good job!"
Thank you, every single one of you.

Sometime ago, I won some amazing products by participating in bloggers' online giveaways. And today, I finally got the chance to sit down and write some reviews about what I felt about those products.

First up is Chill Towel that I won from Running Diva Mom(Running Diva Mom is awesome. Along with the package, she sends a sweet note encouraging me and wishing my well on my training.)  I have been dying to rip apart that packaging and use it but refrained because I want to put it to "good use," which in my books is running a race.  I signed up for a race and used it after my Peach Festival 5K and it did provide some instant relief from heat.

Here's what the company said: "Try our all natural CHILL refreshing towels which are formulated for maximum relief from heat by providing instant cooling, at least 20 to 30 degrees cooler than your body temperature without refrigeration. The towels provide athletes with a quick performance enhancing cool down that invigorates while refreshing and energizing the athlete."
Here's what I did/thought:  I like the product. I didn't get the chance to refrigerate or keep it in an ice chest while I was running the race. In fact, I left it in the car because I didn't want to run with it. So, after the race, when I got the towel out and used it, I was pleasantly surprise to find that it was still cool. The towel has a light citrusy scent and was a little damp and it provided a welcomed relief for  my sticky arms and neck after the 5K. Imagine the magic if I had let it sit in an ice chest/fridge.

Next up is Zensah Compression Socks. I won this fabulous pink socks from SkinnyRunner and I have been wearing it for a while now, trying to decide how I really felt about this product.

What the company said: The Zensah Compression Sock incorporates ProGrade Compression Technology. Developed with the optimal amount of compression to increase oxygen blood flow which can enhance an athlete's performance. Only compression sock to incorporate arch support which allows your legs to last longer. Engineered using seamless technology which ensures superior comfort. Graduated compression provides muscle support, increases circulation and reduces edema when traveling. Zensah Fabric is both anti-microbial, and thermo-regulating which keeps your legs cool in hot weather and comfortable in cold weather. Great for racing, recovery and traveling. The number one compression sock for runners, triathletes, and world travelers. Get fresh legs!

What I thought: I love the pink! I love the pink! It is kinda cushiony so that's a point for comfort. Nope, I don't think it stink (but I have been just wearing it around the house).  When I wear it, it pulls up until the lower part of my knee. Compression wise, I think I feel it needs a tad more compression. I have a pair of el-cheapo one from Wal-mart (less than $5 and in an ugly old man black) and the el-cheapo one compress a little more than this hot pink one.  Compression wise, I like my ugly old man's pair. Cute factor wise, I like my Zensah pair. 

All right folks. Have a Happy 4th. I am going to try and get a run in later this evening. Maybe 4 miles. :)

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