Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good run, again.

I stayed up a little too late watching a DVD on the rise of Catherine the Great, which meant that I had a teeeeensy weeeency bit difficulty waking up early this a.m.  Still, I manage to get out of bed and out the door by 5:45 a.m. Only 3 miles on tap for today, that is until I saw on my planner while I was at work that I was supposed to do 4. Oh well.

The weather was cool - about 68 degrees to 70 degrees - depending on which temperature gauge thing at the different banks.  I ran up and down the inclines along Main Street again. My legs were a little tired from yesterday, but my splits were slightly better than yesterday's - probably because I wasn't running 5 miles. There's something about running slower on the road than it is on the treadmill. It's like, when I am left up to my own devices, I kinda slacked a little bit, but I enjoyed every bit of it.  So, I finished 3 miles in about 35 minutes. It's ok. Not a stellar fast run, but it was an enjoyable run.

I have 9 miles for my long run this week. I am trying to work out a plan to run those 9. We'll see.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekdays.


  1. Way to go!! I find the "mill" more motivating. ;)

  2. Your run was faster than the Kappa Delta Run.

    what's your training plan?

  3. @ Andrew: Following a rookie plan off the Internet. I did it once and it worked well for me. Basically, I don't run 3 days in a row. That's bad news for my knees. Real basic plan, but I am working in some inclines and tempo runs.

  4. How was Catherine the Great?

    I have the same knee issues if I run too many days consecutively. Makes getting in the miles a little tough on some training plans.

  5. good job on wakingup early and getting out there.

    i will be starting the 9 miles tomorrow morning! hopefully i can get it done with 2 runs (tomorrow and saturday)

  6. I feel you when it comes to working out a plan to get the long run to happen. Good luck and great job with some great runs this week!

  7. yay for running! I just found your blog! I ran 9 miles today! fun stuff!

  8. 9 miles is awesome!
    I don't actually like to wake up early and run...but I have to...I am too tire by the time I get my crew in bed!


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