Monday, August 9, 2010

Hard Core.

Saturday night. Boyfriend was showing me how to lift my legs in midair to try and pop my lower back. I can't even lift my legs in midair. Seriously. This is pathetic. He doesn't even exercise like I do. How did that happen?

Yeap. I have a weak core. I have no core.
Today: I was reading different blog posts and came across Jamoosh's post. He posted a core challenge, and I am in. I just joined The Hard Core Club. 

Thirteen weeks to a stronger core start this Sunday and ends on Nov 13, 2010.  He will e-mail me a core workout plan, which I will follow for thirteen weeks for 2 or 3 times a week. Now, that is a committment. We know how I am terrified of committment.  This love for running has me doing crazy stuff.  I'm planning meals around running, planning vacations around running and now, I am committing to challenges so I can be a better runner.  Love makes you do silly things, doesn't it?
Anyway, click on his name above to go to his post and read about the challenge. 

All right, I'm about to go and have a date with my legs at the Y. Just three easy miles to see if the shins are still hurting.


  1. Way to go!! I love your motivation!

    Love this, "date with my legs at the Y". awesome!!

  2. heading over to check it out!

  3. Hmm...I've been talking about wanting to add some core workout stuff to my training...I need to check this out. Good luck with your new commitment! Hope your shins are better!

  4. My core isn't very strong either. Always good to work on it

  5. pls share the workouts with us!

  6. i know what the hard core club is. cool-)

  7. Ah, I need to know how to pop my back. but yeah, probably couldnt' lift my legs either


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