Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Up the itty bitty hills I go.

I can do the whole go-to-bed-earlier and waking-up-earlier thing.

At 6:30 a.m., I was up and ready to go. Got my running clothes on and my hair up in a braided ponytail and off to the gym I went. My drive there was great. A couple was running down the street and an older lady was walking, with weights in her hands and working her biceps. It makes me happy to see people up and about. I believe my endorphins were jumping up and down in joy when I saw that.

I ran 3.5 miles today. It was a tad warm in the Y this morning. Probably the A/C hasn't had the time to kick in yet. But it is OK, as long as I'm not outside running in the heat. I warmed up with an easy run at 12:00 pace for 0.5 mile, then I cranked the speed up a tad and ran for 0.5 mile at 1% incline. Then, I cranked the speed up a teensy weensy bit more and did 3 inclines at 3%, 3% and 4%. And finished up the run with an easy run.
Not too bad. My legs are feeling all right. I think I am getting more attuned to my legs now. It is like I know if something is going to aggravate the legs and I would remediate what I am doing or nurse my legs back to health.

Not many random thoughts going in the head this morning. We are under a heat advisory and the heat index is supposed to get up to 110 or so. I'm off to do some chillin.'

Have a good run!


  1. i always get happy when i see other runner

  2. nice job getting up and out! I love getting my runs done in the morning!

  3. You are on a running roll! Where are you getting all this motivation from? Let me know!!! :)


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