Monday, August 2, 2010

I rebel and have half of a pair ...

I need some sleep. I went to bed at 5 a.m. this morning and got up at about 9-ish. And I am in a trance-state-of-mind. This weird sleeping habit has got to go. I'm at the tail end of my summer break and I will have to go back to work soon. I didn't get to go places like I had wanted this summer. But it was nice just doing nothing but eating and running and watching trash TV on  It sure has been wonderful to just go run at random times during the day and not having to be on a time schedule. There were a few times when I just ran extra because I still have some energy left and time did allow me to add a half mile here and there. I love it.  I am thankful to have my job.

I have the Hal Higdon's half marathon plan on my calendar but I am tweaking it a little to make my weekday shorter runs more meaningful and with a dedicated purpose.  Well, I am not a 100% set on that plan, actually.  If I have to tweak a bunch, maybe it isn't "for" me.  So, I am still looking for something that will be more appropriate for me.

So, Hal said Mondays should be a stretch/strengthen day. I rebelled.  I went for a run. I just penciled the training plan in and haven't gone over with ink, so a girl can still change her mind, right? 

 Nothing too strenuous. Just 3 miles with some baby inclines thrown into the mix. 

Despite running inside, I stay connected to the outside world.
There an Icee board figure tempting me ALL the time at the gas station opposite.
Please tell him to stop. 
Ok, back to training talk.  I am going to have to get serious on training for "rolling hills" if I want to run that Soaring Wings Half Marathon.  I didn't manage to find an elevation map and I am not about to drive four or five hours to find out how hilly it is gonna be.  However, I managed to submit a question on a discussion board for the state running club organization sort of and asked about the course and temperature. The running dude said it is a fairly challenging course, no steep hills but lots of rolling hills. I'm a little hum-ho on the rolling hills. I live in flat pancake land. So, if I want to survive that half marathon, I really should train for that, and I guess, it will be on the treadmill.  Also, I will be doing more tempo runs.

While debating all that, I managed to find half of a pair of (ahem) and got this done:
I completed the registration form, wrote a check, and addressed the envelop.
Now I need to muster enough guts to slap a stamp on that and pitch the whole thing into the mail box. Oh wow! Big step. Big commitment. I'm a tad scared of commitment.
And I'm 100% woman. 

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  1. You may be right about Hal, if you're tweaking too much as a newbie, it's probably not a good idea. Try the plan, it's pretty good and allows you to adjust it to what your needs are. But, as a newbie, you should try to follow each plan as best as possible - they know what they're talkin' about :)

    And...if you're worried about not being able to train too properly for your half, with all the rolling hills, maybe find a different one for your first. Make it an easy one the first time around. Don't settle on one just because of the race goodies or your emotions. Find one that fits!
    Hope this helps! Keep up the good work! I trained for my first half marathon on a treadmill only, it's doable, but I wouldn't recomend it. If you need any questions asked, just shoot me an email!

  2. congrats!!
    rolling hills suck! its like, once one is done, another one is just around the corner. that was my first half marathon! rolling hills. ugh.
    need lots of training for them!

  3. I run on the flattest land possible. Not a hill, barely even an incline. And that's where I race to, usually. But my third half was in Atlanta. Tons of hills. Even though I didn't train for it. I did just fine. 2min PR even. You'll rock it!


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