Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall ... don't tease. Just come.

Today run: 3.02 miles in 34 minutes.

I woke up early today and drove out to the Y. The ever so slight gentle breeze nudged me into running outside. I did for a mile until I was feeling kinda hot. I don't like feeling hot and sticky. So, I went into the Y and ran on the treadmill.

Today's run was so-so. I find that I run slower when I am left to my own devices out on the road/street. On the treadmill, I find that I would be pounding it and go faster and harder. The run today wasn't stellar. It was a run. Maybe I feel like I got cheated off a cool crisp morning. Yeah. I harped on things a lot, don't I? I wondered the whole time when I was running outside where on earth did that somewhat cool, crisp morning of last week's went. 

This week's run have been a mixed up bunch. I just ran however many I want and didn't adhere to the schedule that I had. Well, not exactly. I ran the miles stipulated, but not on the days. So, technically, I probably should be doing a 5 miler tomorrow and a 9-miler on Saturday. I am keeping my fingers crossed because .... for all those times I said I was gonna run X number of miles, I didn't.

But I am going to go to bed somewhat early tonight (before midnight) and get up early to get a run in - hopefully a 5-miler. We'll see.

What I am thankful for:
1) A busy day at work and after work makes the day goes by a lot faster.
2) Food.
3) My big big spacious vehicle. I will take some pictures this weekend just to show you the kind of stuff I have to lug around for work and why having this vehicle is so awesome.

What I hope would change:1) For the modem that the boyfriend ordered to come soon so he can fix the modem at the house and I use the Internet at night, in my bed, reading your blogs. Sorry if I haven't been reading your blogs as dutifully as before.
2) Fall ... don't be a teaser! Just come on and show your face.


  1. You need to read my blog! Dang - tell me your address - I'll send a modem right over! :)

  2. dont worry about the days that you run. just run when ur body wants it to go. its better that way and u will never feel guilty. just try to get all the miles in for the week, but who cares what day it happens on.
    no worries, christina! u r a runner!! and a good one...:)

    happy running


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