Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five miler on Thursday

I'm seriously suffering from a title block. Can't seem to whip a semi-decent title for this post.

Lazy bones me wanted to sleep in AGAIN this morning. But I did get my lazy bum out of  bed after a 15 minute snooze. I drove to the Y with my Garmin slapped on my wrist. I thought, maybe I'll run outside.

I did. It was hot and humid. Once in a while, there was a slight headwind and it was very much welcomed. I hate feeling sticky - having my hair slapped stuck to my back and neck, or feel the inner arm sticking to the side of my body. I just don't like sticky mess. Smarty pants I forgot to bring water along with me AND I also forgot my pass to enter the Y. I didn't have a drop of water during my 5-miler this morning. Argh. There were times when I just wanted to call it quits and go home. But thank goodness, I stuck around, because I am sure glad I finished that run.

Not fast. 5 miles in 1:00:15. It started out pretty ok and then, I just sank into a state of semi-suckiness.
Mile 1: 11:35/mile
Mile 2: 11:51/mile
Mile 3: 11:50/mile
Mile 4: 12:04/mile
Mile 5: 12:46/ mile (I actually walked up an incline because I was totally spent)
I went up and down inclines at least 3 times. It was hard because I can feel the muscles working very hard as I ran up the incline. Phew.
I am exhausted. My shin is hurting a little. My knee isn't feeling happy. So, I am going to rest tomorrow and do my 10-miler on Saturday or Sunday. Let's hope that the cooler days will be here to stay. 

What about you? How was your run today? Has the cooler weather came to stay in your neck of the woods?


  1. as i always say....5 miles is 5 miles. if u didnt get out there, u would never have done it. so good job!!
    and i'll switch u weathers..u can have this cold fall weather and ill take more of the summer!

  2. Good job on the 5.

    My run was better than Tuesday. I seriously think that cycling messed up my knee. I think I'll stay off the bike for a while!

  3. You got your five miles done and that's what counts. I decided to rest my knee today - 6 on tap for tomorrow!

  4. I'm also in struggle for a blog title which isn't stupid! Not that I've ever succeeded - ha. Great job on the the run, girl!!

  5. You got the 5 miles in and thats what counts - great job! - You will have better runs.
    We do not have your problem with the weather - my run last night was in 14c (about 58F) and that is considered a warm night for this time of year

  6. No cooler weather here (Florida). It was still 90 yesterday... and our power was out most of the afternoon/evening. Suck. Thankfully it came on right before I went to bed so I could enjoy AC while I slept. :)

    Rest up -- you CAN do that 10 miles this weekend!

  7. Great thursday, nice run there, keep it up...:D

  8. Good job on getting in 5! I can't wait to run again. :)


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