Friday, September 10, 2010

I ask, you answer.

Here are some questions for you to ponder and answer.
  1. Do you prefer (a) Out and back route OR (b) loops and loops and loops?
    I have 10 miles planned for this weekend. It is going to be warm. Do I want to do two 5-mile loops or just run out as far as I can and back?
  2. Ice bath or not?
    Do you think I should do one after my 10-mile? My knees and shins feel a little "used." 
  3. Does running longer distance make your immune system a little weak? 
  4. Some of you know that I work with pre-K kiddos. As adorable as they are, they are also a germy bunch. So, with all these longer distance I am running, and with the slightly weakened immune system, and with the germy kiddos who inevitably will sprinkle some saliva onto my face when they are trying to say their sounds, what's the best way to keep my immunity in check?



  1. 1 like out and backs. if it were me, i'd run out 5, turn around, and run home

    i've never used an ice bath. i'm thinking they probably come in handy on really long runs, but nothing that i've done training for a 13.1

    i can't see how running would be related to immune system unless you run while sick and it wears you down

    wash your hands often!

  2. 1. out and back 100%. i hate loops.
    2. go 5 miles out - at 5 miles pretend u r finishing my race with me....and then run back. lol
    3. yes running will make ur immune system weaker. at least it does to me
    4. drink lots of orange juice, green tea and green monsters. and make sure u use lots of antibacterial stuff on ur hands. and wash ur hands often.

  3. oops. i screwed up the questions.
    ice bath - ummm.....go for it. u can suffer like me. hahahhaha. read the comments on my post about the ice bath. they are helpful.
    good luck!

  4. ive never used grapes during the ran. i ate some before. as for the snickers, cut it up and put it into a ziplock bag and throw it into ur pocket or if u have some kind of fuel belt, they usually have little compartments.

    my hand held water bottle has a little compartment, and that has enough space for 2 gus and some gu chomps. i also have a fuel belt and that has a little pocket in it. sometimes i will carry things in my hand, but that can get annoying.

  5. 1. I like loops, that way I don't get bored, and definitely carry water with you. I usually have a hand held water bottle and fill it up half way. I usually plan it so the half way point is my gym so I can use the bathroom if necessary.
    2.I used an ice bath once, but I'm not sure it was totally necessary. I just wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. :) I didn't experience as many aches and pains in the usual areas the next day though, and it felt great after running in 90 degrees. :)
    3. I usually feel better/healthier when running. I've been pretty lucky and have had very few illnesses while training for two halfs. I do make sure I get lots of extra sleep, though.
    4. I'm a teacher, too (high school and they are just as nasty!) and I sanitize my hands after grading their papers and and wash or sanitize after touching (not with them seeing of course). I don't know how many years you've been teaching, but I've heard it takes 5-7 years to build a resistance to the germs of children. I have no idea how true that is...
    Good luck! :)

  6. 1. I prefer loops just to keep from getting bored, but I am finding as my runs get longer, it's getting harder to create loops that bring me right back home.

    2. I haven't tried an ice bath yet but have been thinking about trying one now that the long runs are getting longer.

    3. I don't think running would weaken your system unless you're already sick.

    4. I have school age kids and focus on handwashing, eating well and getting enough sleep - keeps them healthy, which keeps them from bringing stuff home and getting me sick!

  7. 1. Depending on the heat and how much water you carry with you, I would consider 2 5-mile loops so you could refill at the house and then head back out. That's what I did when I trained for my first half and it worked pretty well.

    2. I've never done an ice bath. I'd probably just use ice packs and ibuprofen afterward.

    3. Agree with the others -- I don't think long runs would weaken your immune system unless you're already sick. Make sure you're getting plenty of rest!

    4. Hand washing, sanitizer, vitamin C... all of that will help!

  8. I hugely prefer loops! But I do not like to do them twice. I would rather do an out and back than repeat a loop. I often get sick just before a marathon because my immune system is lower. I also work with lots of germy kids. As others have said, hand washing, rest, building up a resistance over time. Good luck!

  9. I prefer out and backs to repeating a loop - don't know why, really. I'd prefer one nice BIG loop that wouldn't need to be repeated, so the scenery is always "fresh." I do think that running long distances can weaken your immune system, so it's really important to take the prescribed rest days, pay attention to nutrition, and get enough sleep. (And use LOTS of hand sanitizer with those young uns!)

  10. 1. I prefer out and back loops, I think they're more fun and they seem shorter to me. When I get out to my 1/2 way point I "just have to run home" and I don't feel like it's more miles mentally. Especially the last 5K my mental motivation is "it's only a 5K home, no big deal".

    2, I love ice baths and have done them after as little as a 6 mile run. They feel awesome! I run a cold bath, dump in 1/2 a 10lb bag of ice, I wear a t-shirt and crawl in. Once I'm in there I set my alarm for 15 min and I'm numb so it feels good. Then I dump in the last 5 lbs. of ice I think the t-shirt helps. You can actually wear socks or even leggings too.

    3. I have been very healthy since running longer miles, no little annoying day colds like I used to get, and very little allergy issues as well. I just make sure I keep my nutrition up, pre, during and post run. I try to feed my body right.


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