Sunday, September 12, 2010


Warning: Loooong post - like 10-mile long........  

Where do I begin?
I was supposed to run on Saturday. The mind was weak and I gave up running the scheduled 10-miler because I had a slight headache and it was just sprinkling a little. I never minded running in a little sprinkle before - in fact, I loved it because it helps cool me down a tad. But yesterday, I was just plain lazy. So, I stayed home, did a bunch of laundry and ironed a bunch of clothes while replaying a movie about Queen Elizabeth.

Of course, that 10-miler hung over my head like a grey cloud all throughout yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon, yesterday night, and during my sleep. I knew I had to get that run in on Sunday.  What made it so bad was I had promised Aneta (my virtual running buddy) that I would run 5 with her while she runs her race over on her side of the world.  Also, I can't cheat my body out of its long run. I just can't. Funny how I have a conscience now about running. I won't even blink my eye a year ago when I skipped a run.

Sunday morning, 4:45 a.m., no alarm needed. I was up because of that 10-miler dark cloud. I battled with that cloud and finally got up at 6:15 a.m., put on some clothes and went out for run.  I told myself I was going to run two 5-mile loops so I won't have to carry water or my Snickers marathon bars with me. Of course, I also entertained the thought of just going one 5-mile loop. I know. I am bad.

The first 0.5 mile was from the house to the mailbox. I felt all right. It was humid. It wasn't cool. I just ran slowly. It is just something I got to do. Then, about another 0.5 mile later, I saw a lady running and there were 2 dogs - no leash - running around her. She kept stopping and as I got closer, I could hear her telling the dogs to go.  When we came face-to-face, I realized she was a friend of my Aunt Glenda and I have seen her many times at the Y and we talked a few times. So, I asked her how many miles she is running today. She said 5. I asked her if she would mind for me to join her. Yes, I believed I turned into a run-hijacker today. I'm a very reserved girl. I don't open my mouth and ask for things or favors. But something happened today. I guessed I really needed a running partner to keep me focused on my goal today. Besides, she has pepper spray! She's good to have around, especially with those stray dogs. 

So, for over 4 miles, the run was perfect. She said she doesn't run fast. I said that's fine because I don't run fast either. We kept at pretty ok pace. It was comfortable for us to talk along the way. We talked about those stray dogs and other dog experiences. We talked about work and briefly about family. We talked about running, racing, tips etc. Turns out she is 70 years old. She looked like she is in her 50s. She said she ran marathons when she was younger (I think it was for 40+ years) and she doesn't race anymore. She just runs for fun.  We ran to her house and she offered me water. (Thanks!) She gave me a route to run so I will cover more miles in some shade and some breeze. She also invited me to run with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays! So, Miss Christina hijacked a run today and got invited to be a running partner!


By the time I got home, I had ran some 8.5 miles. So I stopped at the house to use the restroom and drank some more water and have a bite of that Snickers Marathon bar and headed back out.  Well, the last few miles weren't that hot. I was tired and the run was sluggish. But I toughed it out because I was so close to finishing the 10-miler. I know that I have to finish all of it today and 9.99 miles will not cut it. It has to be a nice even 10 mile. I did it. And boy, I have a sense of pride.

Did I also mentioned that I am looking at a half marathon in 10/10/10? I have different races written on my calendar. There's one I would like to do on the very last week in October. That's the one I am supposedly training for right now. But, that's kinda far away. I think I am ready for a half. No time goal. Just finishing a half, proud and strong, before 2010 is over. So, I just might do this halfie in 10/10/10. 

So, there you go. I'm going to finish the rest of my McDonald's breakfast. :)


  1. u and ur mcdonalds breakfast. hahahha.

    so proud of u that u finished the 10 miles! congrats. sometime u just need a partner to push u along. so yay for running partners. i love running with people who are more experienced than me....i ask them really odd questions.

    congrats again and hope the rest of ur day goes well

  2. how nice to have found a running partner!

  3. Congrats to your running buddy, this is huge!! First it helps to get you out the door, even on days you would skip. Then it makes the runs funnier, saver and informative. She has all the advice you can wish for! I'm soo glad you found somebody to run with.

    CONGRATS on finishing the 10miles - you are soo strong and you will easily finish the half marathon!!!

  4. Great job! I'm so proud of you for getting out there and doing it! If you can do the 10, you can do the 13. :)

  5. i'm so happy for you! congrats. if you can do the 10, you're ready for a half. my first half i had only gone 10.5 miles before the race and i did fine. besides, you seem to have everything in perspective. i had the same goal... i just wanted to finish (even if that meant walking). sign up for that half! you can do it!

  6. Congrats on getting it done! Sometimes you just need that push and you found her this morning! Good for you!

  7. Day's like that are the reasons we run. It just all works out. There's one on 10/10/10 just outside NOLA I think there's one in Beaumont or that area too.

  8. Awesome...finishing the 10 miler and to a running partner!

  9. Congrats on doing your 10 miles - am sure doing a half will not be a prob;em for you

  10. What a great story! I wish I could get out there and I'd love to do a 10 mile. And I think running partners are great. I hope I can find one that will run though the Minnesota winters with me. :)


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