Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I ask, You answer.

Wednesday already? Time goes really fast when you are having lots of fun!

So, I think what I am having is a cold. I always get cold and flu confused because when I have a cold, some people tell me I have a flu. And when I think I have a flu, they tell me I have a cold. Either way, my nose is kinda stuffed up. My throat doesn't feel too prickly. It usually is prickier in the mornings. My eyelids want to slam shut at every opportunity. Sometimes, I feel a little cold. And when I breathe out heavily, I feel like I am blowing fire out of my nostrils like a dragon. I cough a little. My nose drips a little.

What's the killer? My back. It is a case of "oooh oooh ahhh ahhh" today. It feels like it needed to be popped. It hurts when I cough or sneeze. It hurts when I adjust myself while sitting. It hurts when I bend forward a little. It hurts when I get in and out of my vehicle.  It doesn't hurt too badly when I walk. I think I am going to fill a Zip loc bag with ice and ice my back tonight.

So, the question is, Should I run tomorrow morning? It will probably be about 4 miles. My gut feeling says "no." What say you? Let's vote!


  1. Wait until tomorrow to see how you feel. But generally below the neck means don't run.

  2. It's important to wait and see how you feel first. If you have a fever, or, as Lisa said, the congestion is below the neck, take a rest day. Good luck, and feel better!

  3. Wait until tomorrow morning and follow your gut intsinct - but Lisa is right - if its just a head cold you are probably ok to run - below the neck - give it a misss

  4. Sorry you're so sick! And an achey back to boot: no fun.


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