Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Blues

The alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. It seems like I have grown some pins in my throat overnight. My voice, I sounded like a husky, sexy man and almost scared my boyfriend off when I said, "Good morning, babe."

I felt blah. Cruddy. My eyelids were heavy. It was cool in the room. Ahhh. I just wanna lay in bed and snuggle.  Because I have two people waiting outside the Y for me to go running, I know I can't just return back to bed. So, now I understand. This is what they meant by ACCOUNTABILITY.

We ran 5.5 miles today in 1 hour 10 minutes.  Not fast at all.  But it was OK. It was a little quiet this morning too.  I had to be quiet because if I talked, I would cough. Yikes. Right? 

Yeah, it was a crisp cool morning. But I just wasn't feeling it.  My mind drifted a lot today and I have no idea where it went. Well, I had a random thought today. Male runners have it easier than female runners. Female runners have to mess with menstruation and pads and tampons and leakage and possibly chafing.
And now, I am continue to do some Emergen C shots. Maybe I won't have a Emergen C hangover tomorrow. 


  1. Say it how it is Christina! :) I love it!

  2. Well at least you were still able to peel yourself off your bed. =)

    But I totally understand what you're talking about. I had trouble doing so yesterday for my long run. I must've hit the snooze button twice before I actually got up! =D

  3. men do have it easier. they dont get PMS and stupid cravings and bloating. yuck! and the mood swings (i may be having a mood swing right now. feeling gross and needy).

    as for the emergen C, i have been drinking it too. its great!!!

  4. Awk!!! Get better soon, girl!! I have a bottle of hand santizer and bottle of Vitamin C tablets attached to my hip. Just in case.

  5. one word: ginseng

    Ladies, if men are married they VERY MUCH get PMS - they get it from their wife, then later their wife and daughters (or like me also from their post-menopausal mother-in-law - DON'T ASK) ... it is not easier being a man - it is a puzzle loving a woman and their enigmatic decision making. Very difficult I tell you.

    Excuse my I think the game is on right now.

  6. Yikes... I hope that you feel better. Being sick is no fun, and neither is running while you're sick!

  7. Take it easy and maybe take an additional rest day, you wanna be well rested on race day!

  8. feel better soon! Do you ever use Amazing Grass? I think it helps when I'm getting sick.

  9. Amen to the men vs women thought!! Hope you get feeling better. Coughing and running aren't fun together!


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