Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Long Run, for now.

And so I finished my last long training run for a half marathon today.
I had my doubts about running 10 miles today. I didn't want to risk hurting my knee and risk running a race. But many of you encouraged me to give 10 miles a try, and I did. I felt good. I felt pretty strong.

It was a cool morning at 6 a.m.  I believe it was 59 degrees.  The girl I ran with last week didn't show up but Ms. M came running along just right before 6 a.m. We hung around for a few minutes and started running. The route wasn't as scenic as last week's but we wanted to stay out of traffic today. But really, with a good running partner to talk to, scenary is optional.  We talked about racing, and running, and tips about running.  Ms. M will be 70 this year and has raced many marathons and half marathons for 40 years. She talked about the days before there were sweat-wicking tops. She said she had to run in cotton Ts in 19 degree weather and how her sweat froze up and how she got chaffed so badly.

So, Ms. M and I ran for a good 7 miles and that brought us back to the Y. I had a sip of water and continued running a mile by myself. Then, I started to miss running with Buttercup. So I decided to drive home and finish the run with Buttercup.  She definitely enjoyed running with me because her tail was flipping left and right and she lets out this adorable whines.

And so, that's 10 miles in 2 hours 5 minutes. Not fast. But I got it done. The run was good. I did somehow managed to chafe both my underarms. Does that mean that I have flabby Bingo arms?

If you get a chance, head over toAneta, the rambunctious runner, to congratulate her. She just finished another half marathon and PRed!


  1. I'm glad the 10 miler went well. Yay! Great job.

  2. Glad you got your 10 miles in and felt so good. Sometimes breaking it up is the best way to get it done!

  3. Good job on getting the 10 miler in, you are super ready for the half marathon!!! Yeah!

  4. looks like you're all set for you your half mary! good run =)

  5. hey thnx for the shout out! :) it made me smile.

    and yay for u for doing the 10 miles. awesome. now its taper time. and also carbo loading time. enjoy it!!!

  6. Great job on the 10 miles. You'll do awesome at the half!!!


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