Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Ran 4 miles with 2 running partners (50 minutes). Headlights from oncoming traffic were blinding my eyes.
    Loud horns from 18-wheelers and semis didn't help with the nerves. You stay in your lane and I stay on
    the side of the road. There's room for us to share. What's the deal with the honking anyway?

2. 10/10/10. Should I run one or not? My feet is itching!

3. Today, I wore the reflective vest that used to belong to Uncle R. I'm a sentimental kinda girl. I think Uncle
    R enjoyed our run today with his friends.


  1. Should have known you would like the sunflower! Go for the race! What length is it?

  2. Half marathon in Louisiana.
    I can do it. I know I can do the distance.
    It's the logistics that I am trying to figure out. :)

  3. 10/10/10 = do it!!!!!

    just give it a try! its a good day and a good race!

  4. do it!!:) what's that saying, DNF or DFL is better than DNS!

  5. cool idea: 10/10/10...find a 10 miler race!;-)


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