Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have company

Whoa! This weekend really zoomed past really quickly.

Ms. M (the lady that I have been running with) was going to be out of town and she had mentioned that she will get someone to contact me about the Sunday run.  I drank a bunch of water as preparation for my long run Sunday. Received a text message from a lady and we arranged to meet up Sunday morning at the Y.

Saturday night
I had trouble sleeping. I was a little nervous. What if they are all fast runners? What if I overslept and missed the whole thing? What if? What if? What if?

Sunday Morning
Thought to self:  I must really like running to wake up at 5-ish.

Whenever I get nervous, I just feel the urge to use the restroom. Yeah. I had that feeling up until the running partner drove up and parked behind me. She looked like we are about the same age group. She introduced herself (T) and she has this sweet sweet voice and just sounded so sweet and positive and encouraging. Scored!  She said she gotten a text from another runner (J) in the group who was going to be a little bit late. So we waited for about 5 minutes and he showed up. Great! A man in the group sure makes it feel a little safer. 

We ran up several inclines. T said this route that we were doing is one of the more challenging ones. Yeap. SE Arkansas isn't at all flat like a pancake.  We ran on the highway. It was a nice morning. We saw the sun rise and there weren't many vehicles out this Sunday. It was quiet. Other than us chattering away, all we heard were the gravel under our feet, birds chirping, a few dogs barking, and that few vehicles that drove past us. We made a big loop and ended back up at the Y, which gave us a good even 7 miles. T had to go. So J and I ran the rest of the 11 miles. I told him that it would be fine with me if he needed to go too. I was just glad someone was able to run part of the way with me.  But he stayed with me and we ran the remaining 4 miles.
It was great. I felt good.

I got home and drank quite a bit of water. I didn't eat everything in sight, actually. Yes, not even my McDonalds pancakes. Can you believe it? I filled up a huge mixing bowl with ice and headed to the bathroom and soaked for a while. I think it helped a little because after that soaking, I was able to go up and down the stairs fairly well without much tightness/pain. I took a good nap and went shopping with my boyfriend's stepmom and brother and we had a blast!

So, that's my weekend for you. Gonna rest my legs tomorrow and run on Tuesday. How was your weekend?


  1. AWESOME! This is such an awesome story! Good Job on your run and meeting new friends! :)

  2. Awesome!!! You are soo ready for this half marathon! Did you decided which one you wanna race? Running in a group is heaven :)

  3. So glad you enjoyed running with new people! Congrats on finishing the 11 miler :)

  4. WTG - you're going to be in great shape for your half!!

  5. great joB!!! thats awesome. u have new friends and new running people. that is great!!! congrats on running 11 miles. u r ready for that Half Marathon!

  6. So much fun to run with others. And I think you had the effect I get after a nice run--I want to fuel up with good stuff even more than normal. Great job!


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