Friday, October 22, 2010

Eve of Race

... Less than 12 hours before I start running the race.

I got in safe and sound after sitting in traffic for a little while. I went straight to pick up my race packet. It was seamless and easy. Then, I head to the hotel to check in and got my overnight bag out.  Then I decided to drive to the where the race is supposed to start tomorrow so I won't raise my blood pressure tomorrow morning. I also planned to drive the race route so there will be no surprise. I don't like surprises. But apparently, today, I don't read maps very well and got lost a few times. I gave up. I was tired. I was hungry. I just wanna quit driving.

I grabbed half of a panini sandwich and a cup of chicken tortilla soup from McAllister's Deli to-go so I can eat in the comfort of my hotel room while I watch "Say Yes to the Dress." Then, I got my stuff ready for tomorrow.
 Yeah ... I brought my own peanut butter and jelly and bread for tomorrow.

 Shoes with timing chip, Garmin, orange Gu Chomps, a packet of Gu gel in the pocket of one bottom, my top with race bib. I think I am ready.


  1. I love say yes to the dress! :)
    SO much fun!
    You're going to do amazingly well!

  2. The day before the race is always soo exciting!!! :) Don't worry if you don't get a good night sleep tonight, it's more important how well you slept last night. You got this! Woohhooo!!! Good luck tomorrow!! Keep in mind, no matter how fast you are,you will have a PR tomorrow!!!! :)

    Can't wait to read your race report!!

  3. u will do great, hon!
    ill be thinking of you tomorrow!!

    GOOD LUCK! i know u will rock it!

    cant wait to read all about it

  4. ya got it girl. go RACE and have fun. Finish hard and strong!

  5. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! You will do awesome!! Don't forget to have FUN!

  6. You've got this girl! woohoo!

    For my marathon I will surely bring my own food, just to be sure my tummy doesn't have any bad reactions on race day =) good luck!

  7. Good luck with the race, you'll do great :)

  8. i hope its going well! :) Can't wait to hear all about it!! :D


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