Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking Back and Looking Ahead.

Ahhh... those rolling hills did a big number on my hamstrings and quads. They are S-O-R-E!
It felt as though I did a gazillion lunges. A good pain. Ooooh ... It hurts so good.

Saturday, after the half marathon, I contemplated a massage.
Saturday night, I believe I needed a massage. I got the boyfriend to do it because I just don't like stranger touching me. But he wanted to play chiropractor instead. Ugh!
Sunday was spent calling up friends and boyfriend's stepmom to see if she knows of any massage therapist within an 1-hour drive time radius.
And today, after work, I went and got a nice massage. It felt good. I feel like a new woman!
I am ready for a nice easy shake-out-the-stiff run tomorrow with Ms. M and Mr. R. :)

My next half marathon that I had registered will be on Feb 2011. I'm already itching to do another one before the year is over. I am looking at one in Northeastern Arkansas where we'll run along the White River. I don't know. We'll see!

With Saturday's half marathon, I have officially fulfilled my birthday wish I made last year when I turned 30. Here were the goals and (what I accomplished):
  1. Run a half marathon before I turn 31. (And I just did that.)
  2. Run 3 races before I turn 31. I ran 4 races (Three 5Ks and 1 half. One of the 5Ks was actually a trail run).
I feel pretty good now. I made my birthday wish come true! I feel quite powerful.  I feel I am ready for more running.

Before I end today's post, here's a quote I read a day before my half marathon and it gave me a different perspective.
When you don't think you can do something,
sometimes things just fall together really well on race day
and you totally surprise yourself.
So it's worth it to put yourself out there and take some chances.

Lisa Koll, U.S. distance runner and four time NCAA Division One Champion

My birthday is coming up soon. Stay tune for a celebration and more goals!


  1. You got hooked! :) Watch out in a short time you will be thinking of doing a marathon :)

  2. Being sore from running an awesome race ROCKS! I'm doing my first post-race run tomorrow, too. Good luck on yours. Don't push too hard. :) I'm jealous you'll be running a half in February! They are totally addicting, aren't they? How soon is the White River one? Congrats on making your birthday wish come true! How soon is your birthday? Haha, mine is coming up soon, too, Christina! I'm 11/11. You should feel powerful, and I bet you are ready for more running! I can't wait to read this year's birthday goals!

  3. Where is the White River half? I'm doing the Fayetteville Half in December and the Little Rock full on March, but would LOVE another half in February!

  4. Hey, new follower here... saw you comment on the other Christina's blog... and when I clicked... well, our times are pretty similar and you're in Arkansas (I'm in North Texas)... I've considered doing the Little Rock Marathon and some other races up that way, AND I'm doing my RRCA coach's certification in Little Rock in January... anyhow, following now.

  5. love seeing your goals..and at 31! oy! i'm at 39...and at 31...I had NO desire to run. Funny eh?;-)

    a half in feb sounds perfect;-)

  6. woohoo! at least your massage was FREE =)

    here's to more bdays and wishes coming true =)

  7. look at you crossing everything off the list. check, check! hahhaha

    u r awesome. congrats of accomplishing so much.
    and i am soooo happy that u signed up for another yay!!! sooo cool.

    and yay for massages!!! i could sooooo go for one!


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