Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not a race, but there's still a run

I love my best friend. I was pretty disappointed these past few days about the race that was shaping out to be "the race that just didn't happen." But after talking to my bestfriend and verbalizing everything out to her, she made everything right. She isn't a runner and sometimes, it is difficult for a non-runner to understand why we have to run a specific race/specific pace/specific distance/specific day.  But she listened. She emphatized. She understood. And she made everything better.
 I love this picture of us. This was taken at a studio before her wedding day.
I'm a shy person but she brings out the "fun" part in me. She always does.

I wasn't going to sleep on this special 10/10/10 day. I made arrangement to run with Ms. M.  Ms. M ran marathons for 40 years and she told me stories about the races that she had trained hard for but wasn't able to race. She was worried about my back and she knew that I didn't want to leave the boyfriend alone for too long, so we ran a 5K route. Even though I coughed along the way, it was a great run.   I felt happy. I felt strong. I felt powerful (even though we weren't going fast). I felt stress and tension melting away. With every step, I retrieved a little "me" back.  After the run, I felt fulfilled.  Good news is I didn't feel the sciatica butt pain during my run. :)

With the help of my best friend and a good run, my mind can think clearer now. 
  1. I never want to be without a run in my life.
  2. I'm still looking at running a half marathon this year. 
  3. And I will be a marathoner by 2012. 
P.S.: If you get some time, stop by Megan's blog to read about her pre-race tradition, how she got "race-ready" and I believe she will have a race report later. Stop by every Sundays because she has some pretty darn good recipes! We were supposed to have a meet-up today at the race. Sorry Megan! I'm still going to be registering for the RnR though. And I hope we'll have better luck next time. 


  1. I know how disappointing it is when a race doesn't happen for a runner for one reason or another. But trust me, there will be other races. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a little bump in the road. :-)

  2. Its a shame your race didn't happen, but with the way things have turned out for you this last week - perhaps it was not meant to be.

    There will be plenty of other races and I am sure you will have some great runs with some great pb's

  3. So great you have a friend to turn to like that. Love the picture of you guys together!

  4. A beautiful pictures and 2 great smiles! I am with Lisa, there will be other races. I am sure you will run your half and your marathon very soon.

  5. I'm really glad you had your friend to turn to and that she helped -- great picture of the two of you!!

    I have no doubt you'll find a half before the year is over!

  6. Having to bow out of a race stinks. But you are smart to do the right thing for you, difficult as that decision is to make. What a blessing your sweet friend is to encourage you and to listen! Sometimes that is just what you need!

  7. Oh no, I'm sorry the race didn't happen. But I think you do the right thing. I love the picture with your best friend!! :) I'm glad you have somebody you can talk to and who listens! :)

    I hope your BF feels better.


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