Friday, November 5, 2010

5 Things Friday and Who's Who At My Birthday Party.

  1. My running friend, Ms. M, just had surgery to re-fix her rotator cuff. So, needless to say, she won't be running for a little while.  I felt a tinge of  "blue" when I was planning my weekend long run. I have been spoilt with having some companionship during my runs that running alone seems kinda daunting now.   What I like about running with someone is I feel safer to venture out a little. I am not as scared about stray dogs coming up to me.  I just texted another girl that Ms. M has introduced me before. She ran some 7 miles with me last time. But she is battling with some injuries now too. Let's hope she will be ready to run a few miles with me. So I won't be totally alone.
  2. So, I am thinking about maintaining my weekend long runs at 10 to 11 miles so I can just sign up for a halfie whenever I want. I like to be in control. I like to control and decide when I want to run, instead of letting training determine when I can race.
  3. There's a half in 2 weeks (Nov 20).  It's an out-and-back route. I am eyeing that. I am not striving for a PR though. I just want to run along the river. I heard it is scenic. So, what do I do in terms of running? I think I can do 10 this weekend and take it down to 8-ish next week and run the half the following week.  That's a thought, right?
  4. If all else fails, there's another one in December.
  5. Now, the more important question for you marathon runners out there. I have signed up for a half in February. But I don't know. I am throwing around an idea in my head. And the idea is running a full instead of the half. I'm not sure. Remember #2? So, I think I might just train like I would be running for a full in Feb, and decide if I really really want to run it then. I know I can whip out 13 miles these days. Ok. I am excited and I am about to pee my pants.

Who's Who at My Birthday Party?
Aneta got tied up at work. She just finished running a full marathon some 2 weeks ago and her knee is hurting. Anyway, despite the work and studying, she manged to squeeze in 3.1 K. 
Here's her toasting with chocolate milk.
She looks absolutely warm and cosy in that white sweater. 
Even though she lives in Canada and we know how cold it gets over there,
Aneta has a warm and sunny disposition.
Go check her blog out.


  1. I think it's a great idea to train for a full, but if it doesn't work out (life is crazy sometimes) you can always switch to the half.
    For me the most important thing during marathon training was the right training schedule. It's important you feel comfortable with the amount of training and the schedule. For me 3-4 running days was perfect. Also, very important, increase the mileage slowly and give your body time to adjust, I had a long run every other week (10 miles, long run, 10 miles, long run,...). This helps to prevent any injuries and your legs still feel fresh.

    Good luck!!

  2. a full, eh? cool! ya go for it! at least train for it and see what happens. and if things dont work out as planned, drop down to the half. no worries!! yay!!!

    and thnx for posting my picture!
    ps. did u get something in the mail from me?


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