Friday, November 5, 2010

Presents and Who's Who At My Birthday Party?

Thanks for those who ran yesterday.
I hope you had a good run like I had a good birthday.
After work, while waiting for the boyfriend to come home, I opened up a bottle of wine.
Love this wine. It's from Benzinger in Sonoma, California.

For our birthdays in Singapore, Mom would always made sure we had a bowl of noodles (symbolizes longevity) with an egg (symbolize your birth).
Well, I didn't eat any eggs yesterday. Boyfriend got me some noodles from the Chinese take-out.
And boyfriend got me a wonderful gift - his time.
When a man works like a megamagillion hours a day, his rest of the evening after work IS a huge gift.

And because I am such an independent woman, I bought me some presents!
Needed some flats this year. I've always loved heels.
But a combination of running and having to run after some really active kids at work convinced me to switch over to flats.


Now,  Who's Who at My Birthday Party?

Christina and I probably are distantly related from another life.
She might be a slight overachiever (just like moi).
She ran 6 miles instead of the suggested 3.1 miles.
And instead of toasting with a glass, she did the entire pitcher. 
That just means double the birthday celebration, double the good wishes, right?
She is also a graduate student and a mom.
Despite the hectic life, she is keeping it all together and managed to lose some 100 lbs.
You will find her talk about the most random thing - like weird dreams where she is measuring her sagging arms, or about what she thought to be a lopsided belly.
So head over to her blog. 

And check out Christine, her nickname is German Lightning.

Christine's just finished running her first marathon. 
And she "showed up" running for my birthday.
And a German Lightning she was - she finished it in 31 minutes.
Here's her toasting with some pink lemonade.
Do head over to Christine's blog to read about how she conquered her first marathon last Sunday and what's in store for her in terms of running. She does the Galloway-type run and did an awesome job.
P.S. I can't help but noticed that lizard crawling behind that wall.
I believe my best friend has that same lizard in Singapore.


  1. super cute shoes.
    i feel the same way. i love me some high heels, but with commuting and all the walking that i do, sometimes flats are the way to go!

  2. A 3.1 mile run on your 31st birthday is a great idea!!! I'll have to try that, but my friends are going to have to be up for running more like 3.9 miles!

    You have great friends and I love your blog!
    Feel free to check mine out anytime at I just *love* to hear from other runners!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Cute shoes!!! I am all about flats these days, too. Haha, the sagging arm dream sounds funny, but it isn't mine. :)

  4. happy to hear you had a great birthday!

  5. I read about your birthday and virtual race on Christine's blog but I'm too late to participate.

    Love the boots!

  6. Glad you had a great birthday! I also buy some of my own presents too (who knows you better than you)! LOVE your flats and boots - too cute!


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