Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Run of the Month

Ran 4.55 miles (58:33 minutes).
Perk of the run: Running with a slight sprinkle and with a cool breeze. 

I'm not going to lie. I just wanted to sleep in. These nights of typing reports and working on IEPs for the new kiddos to be placed are killing my morning running mojo. But you know what they always say about accountability. With 2 running partners waiting on you (and the possibility of them joking between themselves about me sleeping in), I got up, laced up those shoes, and went for a run.

Slow run.
Mr. R was on a diet of bullion drinks, Jell-O, and Diet Mountain Dew. Ms. M is fretting about her surgery on her arm, so this will be her last run until she heals. We talked about the elections, the doctors' appointment, Dancing with the Stars, and the weather. As usual, I am the quiet one. I just don't talk a lot and I am working opening up.  At the halfway point, we had to walk a little because 2 big dogs were right behind us, barking and helping us wake up the entire neighborhood so they can all cuss us for waking them up before the sun is up. Boy, I was glad the run was over. Seriously. It is a wonder why sometimes running 10 miles is easier than running 4 miles.

Now that the first run of the month is done, I can sit back and relax focus on working in the remaining 45 miles for this month. I also made some goals I am going to try and stick to.
  1. Fast food only 2 times this month (Now, we know how much I love my McDonalds' pancakes and my Sonic drinks). Seriously, this is gonna to be hard, especially since I commute a lot for my job.
  2. Ice cream treats only ONCE a week. (Apparently I have been giving myself ice cream treats once, sometimes twice, a DAY. Love the ice cream!
  3. Run 50 miles this month. (Secretly, I want to go beyond that. But 50 is a good start). 
  4. Yoga at least once a week. 
  5. Strength train at least once a week. (We all know how I dislike doing that)
Keep your fingers crossed, people. 


    1. congrats on the run!
      and those are some good goals for the month. good luck. i know one of them is gonna be hard for u. i know how much u like ur pancakes

    2. Do you usually run with people? I sometimes run with my boyfriend, and I am def a quiet exerciser. Haha, talking and running just don't go together in my mind.

      Great goals! I like that you have food and exercise covered. I feel a good month coming on for you!

    3. Good job on getting out this morning, don't you feel good afterwards!? You are done with your run and focus on life for the rest of the day :) So glad you found some running buddies who make you get out of bed. That is awesome.

      Great goal list, please let me know how you can stop eating ice cream daily, I need to do that too :)

    4. Nice job on the run and good goals!

    5. I hate strength training, too! I know I should do more of it, but just find it incredibly boring. You've set some good goals -- go get 'em!

    6. thnx for the comment on my blog! it made me happy!
      i prolly will not stop blogging only bc i need an outlet. hahhaha
      and only other crazy ppl (ie runners) will understand.
      but i need a purpose. a goal! hmmmmmm

      oh ps. happy almost bday! there is something in the mail for u. i hope it comes tomorrow!

    7. Hi there!
      god bless ya for doing iep's an managing to have a life!;-)

      and nice goals. what I've found works for me is (it's like IEP wording/framing) is finding a replacement behavior/food for the things I'm limiting myself with. capiche? fast food only 2x's,...so what are you gonna have instead of it? I've found it helps me;)


    Thanks for reading! Do leave me a comment or two. They keep me motivated.