Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Party Runners.

"Let them eat cake."
Tidbit Quiz: Who said that?

Here's the list of folks who are running/walking/crawling 3.1 miles with me on Nov 4th, 2010 as we celebrate my 31st birthday.

  1. Denita 
  2. Megan
  3. Jill 
  4. Sherri
  5. Liz
  6. Christina 
  7. Ty  
  8. Aneta  
  9. Alan
  10. Christine
Remember to write a run-recap and email me a link to your blog/recap so I can direct my people to your blog. 

Do try and take a picture of you giving me a birthday toast - coffee, tea, Green Monsters, a glass of wine, chocolate milk, whatever! I'll post the picture here on the blog too. Send the picture to my e-mail address or tag me on Facebook, whichever way is easy for you.

Happy Running!


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