Monday, November 1, 2010

Long-Term Relationship

October went by really fast.  I didn't log quite as many miles as I did in September, so that was quite a little downer. But of course, I did have a slight trouble with the back. And I did run a half marathon. So, I believe y'all will cut me some slack. I will log at least 50 miles this month. And I have a feeling I might do another half before 12/31/2010.

In February 2010, I made a goal of running 1000 miles this year. I believe that's about when I started/just started this blog.

Never mind that Running and I just started hanging out together. You know,  us girls just like to plan everything - picking the outfits for dates, picking out that right pair of shoes and committing to it, registering for races and committing to the training plan, naming our gadget babies after the first date.

But Running and I have been going out for some 9 months now. We have been through some thick and thin - hot summer weather, bad knee, backaches, black toe nail. 

I shed some tears over Running.
I dreamed about Running.
And I also lost sleep over running.
I think I am in love with Running. Probably head over heels in love with Running.

So, it is time to make some final plans and goals for where this relationship is heading, at least to the end of this year.

We aren't going to hit the 1000 mile-stone yet. That would be far too serious and waaaaaay too soon, right? So, I think hitting a 1000 Km marker would be a good start. Yeah. That's where we are heading this year. :)


  1. cool post! i have an intimate relationship with running as well.

    and i also wont reach my 1000 mile mark. I might not even reach the 1000k mark. oh well. there is always next year!

  2. 1000 K is a great goal! And no it wasn't the first snow. I feel like it is early this year. I truthfully love snow but I am not ready for it yet. Liked your thoughts on running this post!

  3. I just hit my 1,000K mark recently. And I'm sure you'll be reaching yours soon too. Good luck girl =)

  4. Take it slow, or else you get freaked out and cheat on Running with Oreos :)

  5. 1000K sounds good for the year. how is your back doing? mine is doing better at the moment (yay)

  6. Haha... I have a love/hate relationship with running! Good luck with your "new" distance goal :)

  7. 1000 km is a good goal, good luck and ...good luck also for the next half before the end of the year.
    Very nice post.

  8. Great post, Christina! You nailed it when you described your relationship with many of us can relate!

  9. 1000k is a really good goal! October was rough for me too. I got benched by my doctor after running a Half Marathon last weekend and then competing on that show, "WipeOut" the next day.
    That was a lot for this 38-yr-old body and I suffered some soft tissue damage.

    Your post helps me hang in there. Thanks for the encouragement. Please feel free to drop in on my blog anytime! I love to hear from other runnners. Be well!

  10. From 0 to 1000km - what a huge change and great accomplishment! You should be so proud of you!! Love the way you wrote this post, I had a huge smile while reading :)


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