Thursday, November 4, 2010

My 3.1 Run on 31st Year + Who's Who At My Birthday Party?

Birthday morning: It was cool outside. I slept with the windows wide open and ahhhh .... I really wanted to lay in bed with all the covers around me and stare at the ceiling.  I got up though. Ms. M just had surgery yesterday so she wouldn't be running today or for a while. That just leaves Mr. R and I can't leave him to run by himself.

Older = more responsible + more considerate.

3.13 miles in 33:06 minutes.
Felt: Great! 
My drink of choice: Green Monster (ice, spinach, kiwi, splash of OJ)

Who's Who at My Birthday Party? 

Alan sent me a birthday toast all the way from England.
Now that glass looks just absolutely tempting. Looks like it has been chilled to perfection.
Alan runs. 
This is the fella who will tell you that his knees and hamstrings are sore,
and will still go out there and bust some 6 miles and hill repeats.
Reading his blog makes me less of a whimp/whiner.
Now go get a glass of something something and check his blog out.


  1. happy birthday, chicky!
    hope you have a great day.
    i will be running for you on my lunch break.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hopes it's a wonderful day!

  3. I'll be running later this afternoon!

  4. Happy birthday! Here's my run report:

  5. Happy birthday but I think I'd rather have a glass of red to celebrate rather than a green monster! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! and ya can have both those to celebrate;-)

    i have my afternoon coffee to celebrate!;-)

  7. I've always wanted to try that green monster! =)

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
    I did my 3.1 miles today, in your honor!!! :)

  9. Happy birthday!
    Good luck on your running...


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