Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who's Chill-laxin'???

I headed out for a morning run at 5:30 with Mr. R and Mr. J.  My legs are still sore from Sunday's run. I have been staying up till 11ish, 12ish typing more reports and IEP nonsense (seriously? do we need all these paperwork just to help a child? It takes me more time to type these darn paperwork - time that I can actually spend planning my therapy) and I haven't made it out for a run. On Tuesday, I drove to the Y to meet Mr. R for a run. But he didn't show. And I drove home and slept. Really. I was tired. Very tired.

Anyway, we ran a good 4.53 miles in 49:16 minutes today. Our splits were:
11:14 (This is where we turn around and we kinda just walked briefly)
11:04(last 0.53 miles)
I was trying hard to keep up with those two men. We did ran on some inclines, not as long or steep like the inclines on Sunday's. But enough to a point that I can feel my quads straining a little. The last mile or so was rough. I was about to give up. Seriously, when we finally stop at my vehicle, I can truly say "That's all the energy I have. I have used up all my energy I have in me."

And you know what they say about saving the best for the last? 
One last party-goer (party-comer?)at my birthday!
I didn't find her because she was hanging out in my bathtub with a cup of coffee chill-laxin'
Meet Julie. 
 She is NOT chill-laxin' in my bathtub. :)
Her birthday toast beverage of choice is coffee and ice water (in the tub).
Instead of running 3.1 miles, she ran 31 kilometers.
That's 19.26 miles people.
No wonder she needs an ice bath  and my golly, she is doing it in style!
Head over to her blog to check out her hot legs, product reviews and giveaways!

And may I add that I am very thankful today for veterans and for fellow running friends who are such overachievers like myself!


  1. NICE PACE!!! You seriously should sign up for a 5k. :)

  2. Ok, I just left a comment on your other blog post asking if you got my email. So this post answers it. Glad you saved the best for last. Hehe, just kidding ;p Glad I still made it =)


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