Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture This Friday.

Picture This Friday

This is how I roll
Ice pack + Saran wrap + bow
Classy, I know.


Right shin has been hurting. Maybe this will do the trick. I am looking at doing 7 or 8 miles this Sunday.
The rifle season starts tomorrow in Arkansas. I know nothing about deer hunting so I am assuming each state has its own start date. Anyway, be careful running. Wear your orange.


  1. Well, you do make it stylist with that bow :). Hope the shins heal up soon (I've always heard the best treadment for shin splints is frozen dixie cup of solid ice and apply the ice directly to the shin and rub shin).

  2. oh no =( sending you healing vibes from Cali =)

  3. Very classy, love it! Hope you feel better tomorrow and your long run is a big success :)

  4. much more put together than when *I* ice.

  5. awwww hope u feel better!

  6. THat's pretty close to how I ice... whatever works!!! Hope the shin gets better ASAP!


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