Thursday, December 9, 2010

Break the cycle

Last week runs: 0
This week (thus far): 1

It was freezing cold this morning - it was about 27 degrees Fahrenheit when I started running. I didn't drag myself out of bed either. I was quite ready and willing to go for a run.
Told myself that I would just do 2. I just need to break the cycle of not running. And I sure did achieve that goal.

I wore a tank top, then a long-sleeve top and then, another long sleeved top (the new pink Nike one). And I wore a pair of tights and another pair of long pants. Got my new Nike gloves and my beanie, and I was off. Brrrr! My fingers and toes were cold. The body was quite comfortable.

I ran 2.24 miles in 26 :06 minutes.
It is not a lot. But it is a start.

Work is winding down just a tad. It's just after 7 p.m. and  I am already in bed, in PJs and ready to call it a night. Yes. I am tired.  Hopefully, running will stay.

P.S.: Aneta, nope. Mission incomplete. I told you I'm seriously lacking motivation in anything that's not running-related.


  1. Last winter, a running buddy recommended the Under Armour wool running socks. I bought a couple of pairs, and absolutely love them! They really do keep my feet warm during cold weather runs! Good job on breaking the cycle :)

  2. Way to break the cycle. I'm having a few issues myself...

  3. I hear you, I feel the same way on my weekday runs. When it's dark and cold outside, I just wanna snuggle up in bed! :) I'm so proud of you getting out there in the morning!!!! :) I will see a PT on Saturday and hope he can fix my hip, keep your fingers cross!!

  4. Grea job getting out there! Try setting a weekly mileage goal for next week. The winter weather had me opting out of runs until I set a mileage goal for the month. HUGE help!!

  5. 2.24 miles is still 2.2.4 miles. good job.

    good luck with breaking the cycle. the next mission is coming up soon!


  6. Great to get back out there running the first one back is always the toughest - little and often is best until you get back into the swing of things

  7. Good luck getting your motivation back. I say you should remember that Nike logo on the loot you got at the Nike store: Just Do It!

    I complained about my lack of motivation last week on my blog and one of my readers told me to suck it up. It worked!


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