Monday, December 6, 2010

It's all about me, baby.

This past weekend I went to Dallas on an annual shopping trip organized by one of my boyfriend's cousins.  It was delightful. I usually do the bulk of my Christmas shopping during this trip. I ended up shopping a lot for myself! It's all about me.

I went ever-so-slightly nutsocuckoo  at the Nike Factory Store.
Bought a white Dri-Fit cotton tee, a light blue pacer tank top (for less than $4),
a pair of women's lightweight run glove for the cold mornings, and a pink half zip long-sleeve top. 

Since I cover my top, I gotto cover the bottoms too. 
I bought a pair of long pants and a pair of capris with that pink stripe of something across the beeee-hind. 
These are just my loot from the Nike store. 
I still have a truckload of stuff I hauled back from Dallas! 

I can't wait to go running.


  1. i wish we had a nike store :(

    good shopping.

  2. LOve your new stuff!! And it sounds you got your motivation back! :)

  3. Ooh, fun! You will be one well-dressed runner :)

  4. Hey, you were here and I didn't know it!!! I go to the Nike Factory all the time, and occassionally I find a deal, but rarely find a ton of steals... it's usually just one thing or so... in fact I was just at the outlet weekend before last. Glad you found some good loot though!!!

  5. It is impossible for me to go in the Nike store and not spend a gazillion dollars!
    Nice loot!

  6. Nice haul! Running is somehow more fun in new clothes!

  7. is ur mission complete?
    i need u to come up with a workout for me tonite. i need motivation to get my ass to the gym!

  8. Ooooh, the Nike Outlet and I are VERY good friends. You got some cute stuff!


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