Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slowly but surely

I wasn't late today! I was right on time. Phew!

We ran 3.2 miles in 43:30 minutes. Slow. Ms. M is under the weather. And I am still carrying the turkey, steak, casseroles, and pies in my belly. Gee! Didn't feel peppy at all. But I know it had to be done. And I am thankful to have people to run with so I won't be making up excuses to skip it. Yeah. I can skip.

We made verbal to-do lists today during our run. Mr. R said he had to find storage and lock up his 4-wheeler and to pack up his stuff in his deer camp as the hunting season is over. I have to de-Christmas the house and clean. Ms. M, well, she gets things done. She had already got Christmas out of the house and is working on the residual sparkles.  It's not a Christmas without the sparkles, you know?

I'm going to post a breakfast recipe later today. Right now, even though I'm on Christmas break, I still gotto help the boyfriend at his office. Long story. And something that may actually have to running to the treadmill to work out the frustration (not with him) later today.  Thank goodness I have running to turn to.

Hasta luego!


  1. I don't even wanna think about getting Christmas out just yet.

  2. WE decorated a day before Christmas,I guess ours will stay for a little longer, so all the effort is worth it - LOL!

    Good job on your run, any run is better than no run! :)

  3. Great job getting out there consistently! I can't wait to read your breakfast recipe. Breakfast is my favorite. I hope things aren't too stressful there! How's that adorable pup of yours?

  4. i wish i was on holiday break right now. if i could go back in time, i would become a teacher! u guys get all the holiday breaks while we have to work! lol

    anyways, great job with all the running. u r inspiring me to get out ther!


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