Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank goodness I am not a decorator.

Another tiring day is over.  It felt like I was chasing after my own tail today. I spent a whole of time doing things, but didn't get much done.  Maybe tomorrow will be better, afterall, tomorrow will be my running day.

I need to get 30 miles in before the year is over. The pressure is building. I am thinking about doing a couple of miles before I meet up with the running friends tomorrow a.m. and then, do another couple of miles after the group run.

I am still trying to tidy the house up before Christmas. I am not a decorator. Everything looks better when there's nothing around.   I have Christmas wrapping spread out on a huge table and presents that are still unwrapped and undecided.  I did get all the Christmas cards sent last week though and got a couple of cards from my blogging friends.

Here's sharing some Christmas photos.
Picture of my "so-not-me" tree in the foyer of the house.
It's so not me because I am not exactly the kind of girl who likes animal prints,
but this tree has leopard print ribbon all over.

The main tree in the house.
Red bows, red Christmas ball ornaments, and gold ornaments.
I'm more of a simple gold/frosty/red Christmas decorations kinda girl. 

This is the table that I am still deciding if I should fill it up with all my Christmas cards.
The one with Santa was sent by Aneta over at My Running Bucket.
The longish, rectangular one is from Irene over at Tales from the Back of the Pack.
The others were from family and friends.

Will post again tomorrow about the run.
Tell me (1) Are you ready for Christmas? (2) What last few goals are you trying to accomplish before the end of 2010? 


  1. Hi there,
    I'd love to add a card to your table..wink wink;-) It'd be fun! give me your snail mail and it's a done deal.

    and goals for the last 2 wks..ha! be sane and healthy. ;-)

  2. Your decoration is beautiful!!!

    My big goal for 2010 is to be injury-free, so I can start training in January again.I would love to run a half marathon mid February.

    You can do 30 miles!!

  3. i like the little table with all the cards. very nice!
    u cna do 30 miles in 10 days! do it do it do it! :)

    im ready for Christmas. I want to eat, drink and catch up on my sleep!

  4. Christina, your house looks awesome! And you can 100% bang out 30 miles by year's end--you've done so much running this year.


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